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Stereographic Projection Photography
I am not a professional photographer in the least but I sure can appreciate a unique image when I see one. This was taken over 30 hours and is hundreds of images stitched together. Greek photographer Chris Kotsiopoloulos captured it and I sit amazed and mystified!
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At the very least it's something unique in the horribly stale world of landscape photography. I like it.
Everyone has a vision of earth, this one seems very creative.
My brain no comprehend this amazing device of Smartnessness
This is really amazing. Stunningly beautiful.
Unique and original representation. I likey.
Wht photogrphay yar.this is really beauty and illusion very nice
Might be the coolest photo I have ever seen.
N Salem
wow it's wonderful......
just awesome dude...!!!!!!!!
Good but not unique, it has been done loads of times before but this is a great one...
Great one...loved it :)

Overall rating
Everyone has a vision of earth, this one seems very creative.
My eyes are failing me; what is it? Looks interesting though.
wow what can i say its more than my word
Wow that is something to wonder about
i dont know what`s that? but it's wonderful
The guy even has tutorials! Talk about dedication as these take 30 hours of photos plus 12 hours of editing to make it.
that's like the 8Th wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!! means fabulous
Ardith great photography. keeps going on.
still struggling with it... hope, when I understand it, I will praise.
Tyler pls explain this photography to dear friend Ram L.Awasthi.
Bahauddin n...k.... er madhye matha galiyo na.
if u r not understand its looks like soo nice mind bloing

nothing is there
+Ardith Goodwin thank you so much for sharing this incredibly beautiful image - I've never seen such a stunning photographic image!
amazing!!!........ INCRADIBLE !!!!!.....................
This is really nice and very well executed. Almost looks like something from a Georges Méliès film!
This picture is fascinating, I love it!!
Its Really Super!!!... But i con't imagine, What is it?.....
the real miracle is how he managed to keep the helicopter motionless for 30 hours. (uh....not to mention how he finessed the fuel bill! - lol!)
You have got t appritate good art.Great work.
Good morning! I woke up this morning to revisit this image and show my son and I still find it amazing. I had never seen this type of photography before so it was a real treat, especially reading about his process. For all of you pro photographers out there I appreciate your passion and artisty. These types of captures are beautiful examples of what passion, skills, and talent behind the lens can bring I think.
I have never seen such an awesome combination of long exposure and mini earths.
looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
idk why but i just though of kingdom hearts by looking at this picture
Looks like my eyeball after an all night drinking party in college, many moons ago. It is impressive, though.
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