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New To Google+? This Will Help! Update To Chrome 18.0.1025.142 m
I have been having loads of trouble with Chrome moving at a snail's pace compared to Firefox and thanks to +David Piper he suggested clicking on the wrench to see if I could update Chrome to the latest version. Sure enough, I needed to. If you are using Chrome and it is moving slowly and crashing G+ it could be your apps/extensions, or you just might need to update Chrome. Thank you David for the tip, it seems to have worked well for several folks.
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This is very timely as I just posted about Chrome and G+ being very very slow.
It seems to be helping a lot. I didn't think to check about the update and guess I wasn't online the day it came out.
+Ardith Goodwin When you have clicked the wrench does it only show it you need to update because I can't see anything on there to show what version I have.
Ooh forget that, I have found the answer. I clicked About Google Chrome and it automatically started the update from 17 to 18 :-)
LOL - while typing this I have no idea what key I hit in error but it opened a "You've Gone Incognito" tab !!!
Suzy -- I have to say that as #Google keeps changing their format some things are much harder to find. For example what version and updates used to be very easy to find -- now it is a hunt.
Interesting. I've updated to same version, and it's caused no end of problems - usually tabs completely freezing to blank white whilst loading. My official take on this release is "it's a bloody mess".
Not sure why that would be -- we can keep each other posted -- mine is behaving well -- at least for now.
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