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Golfer With Red Hat
I remember the day I gave my father a Big Bertha on his birthday and watching him swing away with that beautiful line. He has loved golfing for as long as I can remember and I have come to love the sport a great deal even though I can't play it. My spine has way too many issues for that speed and range of motion, so I opted to try and capture that movement, through the entire swing from beginning to end, as a way to celebrate the human form.

"Golfer With Red Hat" 30" by 40" mixed media, really gave me a technical challenge. How do I express my love of movement through the golf stances and motions without creating a static line of direction? I love how the finished piece turned out. For me, it captures the thrill of the swing, and connects me with beautiful memories of my daddy doing something that he loved through a framework of dynamic movement. Swooning over this one!

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Ardith, such an appreciation for all the movement it takes for human to Hit a golf ball. WOWSER
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Ardith Goodwin

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Really THRILLED to be one of the featured Emerging Artists in the Art Galleries and Artists of the South! I have been working my tail off these days, glad to see it paying off a bit. Big grins in the Land of Ardithian tonight! 
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Always love to see hard work rewarded! Congratulations!
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Ardith Goodwin

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Today was a productive day as I made progress on a new, larger figure and wrapped up the details on a figurative abstract piece on paper. I am loving moving the line and working within the framework of dynamic movement and pieces and parts. Makes my soul happy. 
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Ardith Goodwin

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The structure and function of the human body has been a huge source of fascination and inspiration for me due to my brain being hard wired to analyze pieces and parts and to the medical journey that changed the course of my life.

This painting holds several shifts for me: a complete alteration of my normal color palette, a delicate balance between figure and abstraction, and the marks connected with spines, brains, vertebrates, nerves, and cat scans in a more intentional way. There are things I truly love about what it taught me and there are things that caused me great frustration in figuring out the how behind the process.

What matters most to me though, is the emotional connection that I feel towards the complexity of loving an imperfect body and the desire to stay open to healing through that journey. This piece was a powerful teaching tool, and a complete joy to paint. "We Are Stronger Than We Know." 30" by 40" acrylic on canvas
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Thanks Sharon!!! Always asking what can I do now!
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Ardith Goodwin

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Tinker Maker Flyman by Ardith Goodwin
In less than two weeks I have my largest solo show to date where approximately 30-35 of my paintings will be on display for two months and I have worked my arse off this past year getting ready. Just finished my last piece today and am thrilled with how it blends my collage practice of the last ten years with my current framework of painting today. It was also inspired by the magical Bruce Larsen and his assemblage work. 

"Tinker Maker Flyman" will be a great character addition to the children's book I am writing as he becomes part man, part bird, and part machine and then a spy. :) swoons! 
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Indeed +Ardith Goodwin Ponder on my suggestion when you have time. I am serious about my proposal. And, for the record, I'm also obsessed with Praying Mantises (as +T. Pascal knows...) and think a papier mache Mantis a la +Ardith Goodwin would be fabule!
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Ardith Goodwin

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Had a busy few weeks working towards my solo show in Nov. So far, I have about 57 pieces to choose from for a show of 30 ish. So thrilled about my options and this body of work that I have created around a Framework that is near and dear to my heart. Two months to go....bring it! (Here are a few sneak peeks!) 
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Ardith Goodwin

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For my workshop last week I bought red and yellow roses for us to enjoy. Today, way before classes started, I did a quick study to use up some left over palette paint from one student. It got me thinking of painting a series of smaller florals for Spring and Mother's Day. They are not my norm, but I adore painting them. "Flowers of the Young" 30" by 40" acrylic

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great work of art
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Ardith Goodwin

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Runner With Red Shoes

I don't have the ability to run on land due to my orthopedic issues but I do love, love, love the act of running and feeling that buzz that runners get when they are in the flow of all things moving, breathing, and full of energy. I wanted to capture that moment in a way that was primarily abstract with the hint of figure, and it was a joy to work through that intention. "Runner With Red Shoes" is a 36" by 48" mixed media on canvas, fresh off the easel.

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I want you tich me to made that
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Ardith Goodwin

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As a child I often wondered what it was like to have x-ray vision, to see within and excavate the workings of what isn't seen to the human eye. That is one reason that microscopes and x-rays fascinate me to no end.
This piece is my first for 2016 and it took me on a journey of the neutral palette that begins with the earth, a more complicated layer of what I see as the structure and function of things, and then on to how I believe creativity flows through the human body on a cellular level.
It was a technical pain, but one that taught me that giving myself time to develop a piece is way more important than having instant gratification.
It is also a visual marker of the belief that we are each deeply more creative and artistically powerful than we give ourselves credit for. The key is learning to nurture and allow that to thrive from within us.
" Just Below The Surface" 30" by 40" acrylic on canvas

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Oh thanks Anwar you are quite kind!
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Ardith Goodwin

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It Was An Amazing Solo Show
This past Friday I had the honor of having my first major Solo Show which showcased 35 of my new figurative and abstract works. It was a night seeing an entire year's worth of hard work and effort culminate into a beautiful reality! I will be blogging about the journey of knowing what to paint, how to build a cohesive body of work, the business end of getting ready, and the experience as a whole on my painter's heart. If you want to follow along join me!
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Ardith Goodwin

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"Princess Fairy FartBlossom and Sir Flautlancealot" is a 30" by 40" acrylic on canvas piece that is the illustration of two of my characters in the children's book I am writing. It is their wedding day and they are celebrating wildly by cutting the cake and the cheese lol. Sometimes a sense of humor goes a long way to endear the heart. They still make me laugh out loud. 
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You r so cute n creative, stay blessed ...
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Ardith Goodwin

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The Wearers Of The Mask 
Masks have always fascinated me. Coming from a family of professional clowns and the home of Mardi Gras, I learned that there is a shift in the mind when a physical mask is placed in front of the self. It can lead towards confidence, toward a connection to the emotion one wishes to avoid, or to the jubilation of celebration and revelry. Masks are an integral part of art history, my history, and play a powerful role in the story I am writing.

For we are all, at one time, "Wearers Of The Mask." The key is learning when to wear it so that it doesn't overtake our true self from seeing the light of day. 

"Wearers Of The Mask" 15" by 22" acrylic, oil pastel, charcoal on paper, unmounted (It Has Been Adopted)
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Pretty awesome! !
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Visual Artist, Writer, Teacher, Kid Lit and Poetry...closet tech nerd
Visual Artist, Artist, Collage, Writer, Poet, Poetry, Mixed Media, New to Google+, Closet Tech Geek, Teacher
Chronic Pain, Watercolor, Painter, Inspirational, Creativity, Illustration, Kid Literature, Kid Lit, Mobile Al., 

Being a creative grounds my spirit. When I sling paint or spin words, it gives me wings to connect with a greater conscience, and in turn, leaves the world a more beautiful place I think. When you see my art, be it my watercolors, mixed media, or collage, color will be the trait that connects them as one. I see the world this way, despite the trials that would have grayed my existence, I embrace the color in all of us, and hold it sacred. 

Spinning words allows me to channel my voice so that painting pictures with words is as powerful as using paint. I hold great respect for this gift, and strive to only sshare words that will uplift, not harm. Often I write about what inspires me, to spread hope to others that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and share my experience of being a survivor of trauma. May my words connect with at least one of you, and may you understand as I do that peace can be spread through one voice at a time. 

Because my Master's degree is in Early Childhood Education and I am a National Board Certified Teacher as a Middle Childhood Generalist, I do love to share articles and posts about sharing creative living with kids. Sharing Parenting Network tips is one of my great loves. 

The tech world is fascinating to me. I don't write code, but I do appreciate the brilliance it takes to develop technology in our day and age and often share my thoughts on its application as it pertains to the average Joe or Jane. Being a closet tech nerd is a badge of honor where I come from, so here is to geekdom. 

Walking this planet did not come with instructions. Rather, it is in connecting with people of all walks of life that I gain a better understanding of who I am, and what my vision is for the future. I love a great laugh, a story about life and what passions you, and I adore someone who chooses to be bold in their walk of life. My faith is a compass, it guides me, and hopefully that journey will be one you choose to take with me. I am not for everyone, but that's why they make chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and pistachio isn't it? 

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