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Ardhendu De (AD)

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Walter Pater as a Literary Critic -an innovator in aesthetics who celebrated the pleasurable effects of art on the viewer or reader
W alter Pater (1839-1894) is the eminent English essayist and critic both of art as well as literature. His first book— Studies in the History of Renaissance is
a criticism of the art . Among his
critical writings may be mentioned the volume known as Applic...
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Ardhendu De (AD)

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Differences Between the Spelling and Pronunciation of Old and of Modem English
B esides
the great differences in the character of the words and in the ways of
expressing their relations and changes of meaning, there is also a marked
difference between the spelling and pronunciation of Old and of Modern English.
For a long time, indeed...
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Ardhendu De (AD)

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Every Woman is not Ann but Ann is Everywoman: Characterization of Shaw’s Ann Whitefield in Man and Superman
S haw
has been pre-occupied mainly with the exposition of his philosophy through the
media of plays and this is a crystal truth as far as Man and Superman is
concerned. Characterization or depiction of characters in their full human
round has never been his...
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Ardhendu De (AD)

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The Scene before the University Wits and The University Wits
The Scene before the University
Wits:  The Scene before the University Wits the
English drama as it developed from the Miracle plays has an interesting
history. It began with school-masters, like Udall, who translated and adapted
Latin plays for their boys ...
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Ardhendu De (AD)

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About NM; Biography · BJP Connect. NEWS; News Updates · Media Coverage · Newsletter. TUNE IN; Mann Ki Baat · Watch Live. GOVERNANCE; Governance Paradigm · Global Recognition · Infographics. Categories; International · One Year · Two Year · Action & Hope · Varanasi. NM Thoughts; Quotes · Speeches ...
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Ardhendu De (AD)

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Historical Advantages of Fielding’s “Joseph Andrews” in the Purview of Novel Writing
 Introduction: F ielding’s Joseph Andrews begun as a parody of Pamela . In November
1740, Samuel Richardson published his novel, Pamela . Fielding started a parody
of this novel. But just as Pamela had grown under its author’s hands into
something much larg...
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Ardhendu De (AD)

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Critical Estimation of Bacon’s essay ‘Of Adversity’: Man to be Optimistic under Most Adverse Circumstance
Prosperity doth best
discover vice; but adversity doth best discover virtue. Francis Bacon  (1561 - 1626) English philosopher,
statesman, and lawyer. Essays,  "Of
Adversity" F rancis
Bacon was a great Elizabethan of wonderful versatility. He was a true chil...
Prosperity doth best discover vice; but adversity doth best discover virtue. Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626) English philosopher, statesman, and lawyer. Essays, "Of Adversity" Francis Bacon was a great Elizabethan of wonder...
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Ardhendu De (AD)

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Varieties of Present English: Usage of Grammar in the Learning of the Language
B esides
the differences at different periods, there are considerable differences in the
language of English speakers even at the present day. Thus, every region has
some peculiarities in the way in which its speakers use their English. There
are, for examp...
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Ardhendu De (AD)

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English Fiction in the Seventeenth Century: Reflection on Daniel Defoe and Samuel Richardson
  I n the seventeenth century the English readers
of fiction were chiefly supplied with material for reading by France where
there had arisen a school of writers who told at great length the stories of
several half-historical heroes. But a notable contribut...
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Ardhendu De (AD)

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Political Poetry of W. B. Yeats: Production of Illuminating Poetic Collections
T he canvas of Yeats’ Muse is admittedly vast,
combining within itself two apparently irreconcilable pigments. With a
beginning which is reminiscent of Keats and the Pre-Raphaelites, Yeats moved
forward with mighty strides towards the mature phase of the pr...
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Ardhendu De (AD)

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John Galsworthy as a Social Propagdandist: A Voice for Economically and Socially Oppressed
Introduction:  John Galsworthy,  the 1932 Nobel  Laureate, is best known problem playwright and novelist in the 20 th century. His is the  collection s which treats of a particular social or moral problem s  so as to make people think intelligently about it...
Introduction: John Galsworthy, the 1932 Nobel Laureate, is best known problem playwright and novelist in the 20th century. His is the collections which treats of a particular social or moral problems so as to make people th...
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Ardhendu De (AD)

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A Set of Objective Questions & Answers UGC NET ENGLISH QUESTION BANK
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