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They are so good.
Mind. Blown.
On our street, all the lettering is done with big strips of sticky tape stuck to the road.

(via Swiss Miss)

test with Lea.

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This is so cool!!! If I did it half the apple would be gone though.

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Here is a mini story from last week..

Someone bangs on my door and I'm not even supposed to be home. It's 4:00pm on a Thursday. I say "Laurie?"

"My cat is missing, can i come in?"

What is one supposed to say to that.. except... "sure." The old, Asian woman walks right through the apartment, helps herself into our bedroom and goes out the back door.

Other information fragments fall off her in the process. The kitty has been missing for 4 hours. He is very shy and scared. He is orange and white. He has an Asian name that I can't quiet make out. She spotted the cat in our backyard just now.

Except he is not there any more.

I, of course, join in on the search. Don't cats like high up spaces? I go up the stairs that connect the apartments. Don't cats like dark spaces, I dig around in the garbage area.

I go kitty kitty kitty all around the place.

Then, he makes a silent appearance.

Let's just say I had dropped my work and entered the garbage to rescue a small, sweet cat. Perhaps I'd take a picture and email to my friends or pet behind his ears a bit.

Instead, an orange colored sheep sits in front of me.

How did this cat even move around to get lost in the first place? Not clear. And how will this tiny Asian woman lift this sheep-cat? Less clear.

Well, at least they are united and she looks so happy. Him? Couldn't care less. Me? Remembered the time when I searched for another cat 7 years ago with a person I liked at the time and sent this story to him.


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With +Stephan Ellner +Rosana Sullivan climbed mount tam
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Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead: Actor Dies At 46 In New York Apartment


[Photo Credit: Huffpost Splash/AP]

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I'm so unbelievably sad to read Phillip Seymour Hoffman has died. Every movie he has been in has been a masterpiece in my opinion. I was also lucky enough to have seen him on stage twice.

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Istanbul's street cats are the cutest part of the city

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Wow! This left me speechless. 
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