Useful overview!
If you missed the +Totally Unscripted App Maker Q&A we did recently with +James Ferreira here's a recording with a summary of the questions:

0:02:17 Who has access to App Maker?
0:05:34 What is the difference between App Maker and HTML Service?
0:09:25 Domain restrictions when using App Maker
0:11:44 How complicated can you get with App Maker without writing any code?
0:14:25 Do you have to use Google Cloud SQL with App Maker?
0:16:39 How much does it cost to run Cloud SQL for App Maker?
0:19:40 Opportunities for Edu partnering to use App Maker
0:20:48 What resources are available to get started with App Maker?
0:26:15 Where to find out more about managing SQL databases?
0:29:10 What other integrations does App Maker have with other Google products?
0:30:12 Can App Maker be used offline?
0:31:26 Does App Maker have a way of letting users pick files from Drive/Team Drive?
0:32:40 Can you use existing Google Apps Script code in App Maker?
0:34:49 Can App Maker be setup to me mobile friendly?
0:37:39 Is there a particular forum to get support for developing with App Maker?

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