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Architectural Millwork Drafting

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Millwork Shop Drawings are our specialty.
Call 772-408-8175. Feel free to send a Complete Scope and relevant Architectural drawings.
 When Cad-Con Design is estimating the cost of your project this is done by analyzing/calculating the amount of hours it will take our skilled Millwork draftsman to produce shop drawings for your project.
 The amount of hours required is influenced by the Scope / complexity of the project and the completeness of the architectural drawings and scope of work  provided.
for a Quote Call 772-408-8175 or E-mail to

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HELP WANTED!!!!! is looking to Hire Project Admin, Project managers and Draftsman. call 772-408-8175
HELP WANTED!!!!! is looking to Hire Project Admin, Project managers and Draftsman. call 772-40-8175

Millwork and Casework Industry Question: In what City/Cities have the most Millwork and Casework Shops Gone out of Business? Please Comment
I am originally From Detroit and I Know we have had at least Ten Major Millwork Companies go Under Since 2007. Please Comment !

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An Architectural Woodwork Institute [AWI] LinkedIn Member asked “Should you start Building Millwork and Casework before Submitting a Millwork Shop Drawing, Also he wanted to know if Millwork Shops use Millwork Shop Drawing Services. (This is our Cents) I believe it depends on the type of project and what your definition of Starting a project is.
We Do Millwork Shop Drawings For some High end Residential Wood Working Clients that will pay for a shop drawing out of pocket just to try and land the projects and at times even create mock ups. Now in terms of larger Commercial Millwork Projects I agree with Don Submit Shop drawings only After receiving a contract or a letter of intent. As far as starting, Cabinet and Millwork Shops start investing time from square one doing due diligence and such but never let Things hit the shop floor without an Approved Shop Drawing. As for Drafting Subcontracting and Shop Drawing Outsourcing I believe we have seen a pretty big push into the age of Millwork Shops using Millwork Shop Drawing Services. I also feel that this is a result of the economic down turn that many of us have experienced in the last decade and the subsequent slow return to an economy where people are spending. in Short if a Millwork shop had a 5 man Design & Engineering team before the down turn and let 4 of them go. Just because they are experiencing what they feel maybe an upward moving anomaly in the market with some increased sales. Does not mean that Millwork shop wants to run out and Hire 4 guys back and Pay for all of the Benefits payroll tax and insurance. So that millwork shop is more likely to hire a Millwork Shop Drawing service to expand their already efficient one man Design & Engineering team.

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Millwork Shop Drawings and the Specs Required are a Big Deal to Millwork Shops. A lot of Small Casework / Cabinet Shops can find them selves in over there Head for this very reason!
Spec Sections can get Confusing. is it Casework, is it Millwork? Many Millwork and Cabinet Shop owners See this type of confusion when Bidding by Spec sections. For instance this is an excerpt of A casework Spec. given to us by a Casework Manufacturing Client. The General contractor told him the casework was under section 06400 So he bid it and only looked at the cabinets and had no idea the spec would obligate him to supply all of the Millwork, such as Wall paneling, Reception desks Ect. ( FYI Section 06400 is a Millwork Spec section not just Casework/cabinets) 6400-02 1.04 Submittals
A. Shop Drawings: Submit (8) sets of shop drawings showing location of each item,
dimensioned plans and elevations, large scale details, joinery, attachment
devices and other components. All shop drawings shall indicate use of plywood
and hardwood at all locations. Particle board shall not be permitted.
B. Samples: Submit samples of plastic laminate, hardware and one
unit of each type of finish.

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A client asked me the other day what is The Manual of Millwork and how does it apply to +Millwork Shop Drawings ?
A client asked me the other day what is The Manual of Millwork?
+Dovetails Custom Woodworking Group your Answer is as Follows. In 1953, the book was developed to fill a need for architectural millwork standards that could be easily
specified by the design community.
Since then, the Manual has evolved
into a publication that provides a
wealth of technical information on
species of wood, finished lumber sizes,
moisture content, exterior and interior
finishes, preservative treatments, and
more. Unrivaled in the architectural
millwork industry, the Manual of
Millwork provides assurance that your
projects will meet your expectations. The Manual of Millwork is an
ongoing work in progress. Known
errors and significant industry changes
are kept current through the Institute’s
website at manual.asp. It is the responsibility of all
users of the Manual of Millwork to be
aware of and comply with the requirements
of any and all corrections or
updates published on the Woodwork
Institute website prior to the bid date
of a project. You will also Find a Section on +Millwork Shop Drawings and the AWI Certification Requierments

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What is AWI Custom Grade Millwork - Custom Grade is typically specified for and adequately covers most high-quality Architectural woodwork or "Millwork". Thus providing a well-defined degree of control over a projects quality of materials,workmanship, or installation. Interior & Exterior Millwork such as Standing and Running Trim, Door Frames, Window Frames, Sashes, Blind & Shutters, Screens, Ornamental & Miscellaneous Millwork Composed of Solid Wood and/or Sheet Products can be accomplished in Custom Grade by means of Materials,Finishes,Workmanship or Installation.  Call 772-408-8175 For your +Millwork Shop Drawings 

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