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Yet again the supplied OS on a machine should always be treated with suspicion. You don't need sinister foreign agencies, just plain straight forward monetary incentives.

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Miklos Rozsa conducting his music from Ben-Hur with the Pittsburgh Symphony in 1979.

Oscar nominees:

The Theory of Everything - Jóhann Jóhannsson 
The Imitation Game - Alexandre Desplat 
The Grand Budapest Hotel - Alexandre Desplat 
Mr. Turner - Gary Yershon 
Interstellar - Hans Zimmer

Pretty good list - haven't heard Mr. Turner but enjoyed all the others.

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Hollywood in Vienna 2014, with Randy Newman receiving the Max Steiner Film Music Achievement Award

Worth watching - some great music performed.

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Just wanted to share this amazing and cheap solution with iPhone 6 Plus users. #BendGate #iPhone6 #Bend #Solution

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Music Oscars from 1968 - Elmer Bernstein for Thoroughly Modern Millie and Alfred Newman & Ken Darby for Camelot.  It was Newman's 9th win, which remains the record for the most musical Oscars won.

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The key to fixing knowledge graph issues?  An offer of free doughnuts.

Great handling of a PR nightmare by Greggs here.

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Live now...
Due to the 4th of July holiday in the US we will move this hangout to Thursday July 3rd.

If you have a site, want to talk about a site you know, or even talk about a site you are thinking of building come join us. Tell your friends. We are gonna take SEO questions as well and dig into what makes a good site. Gonna talk about technical SEO and some other interesting issues. #SEO  

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For anyone using WordPress & All in One SEO Pack - important to update the plugin.
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