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Storm season is coming. Make sure to have your broken windows fixed to avoid getting further damages or injuries. If you are located in Brisbane, it’s best to give us a call so we can have your windows fixed in no time.

Call us at 07 3849 2664 for your inquiries.

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Archer Glass strives to provide the highest value in home and industrial glass repair and replacement services. We are located in Brisbane and provides same-day glass replacement services within the area. Visit to see more of our services.

Phone number: 07 3849 2664
Location: 4/1369 Logan Rd, Mt. Gravatt, Brisbane QLD 4122 Australia

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Louvers and pet doors are advisable to be installed in your house. In this interview, CEO Gerry Whelan of Archer Glass in Brisbane talks about the advantages of installing louvers and pet doors.

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There are many ways on how you can make your room or office noise-resistant. CEO Gerry Whelan of Archer Glass talks about how noise can be reduced by adding glass on your windows to create a sound barrier. At home, soundproofing brings silence and improve your relaxation. While in the office, it adds professionalism, improves the concentration and productivity of employees.

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Grade A Safety Glass has two major types - toughened and laminated. The Toughened glass is processed by heating and cooling the glass to increase its strength and making it hard to break. Laminated glass, on the other hand, is strengthened by sandwiching a thin layer of plastic between two sheets of glass. Find out more about Grade A Safety Glass from Gerry Whelan, CEO of Archer Glass located in Brisbane, Australia.

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To be successful, you must provide good customer service to all clients - may it be existing customers or potential leads. This may take extra time and effort, but once a good relationship has been established, everything else follows. Watch this interview with Gerry Whelan, CEO and Founder of Archer Glass in Brisbane, as he gives hints on how his family business has grown bigger over the years. Their secret? Good customer service.

For your inquiries, you may contact Archer Glass at:
Contact #: 07 3849 2664

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Film Tinting is commonly seen in cars, buildings, offices and homes. It is one good way to block the sun’s heat and UV rays, reduce energy expenses, and maintain privacy in your place. Archer Glass, founded and headed by Gerry Whelan, offers window tinting services in the entire Brisbane area in Australia. Archer Glass is known to be one of the leading companies in the glazing field. Check this interview to learn more about Film Tinting.

Contact # : 07 3849 2664
Website :
Location : Unit 4, 1369 Logan Road, Mt. Gravatt, Brisbane, QLD 4122

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Planning to have your bathroom renovated? Put shower screens on top of your list. Watch this interview with the director of Archer Glass, Gerry Whelan. He explains the various types of shower screens and ways to protect it from damages (such as scratches and soap residues).

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Strong storms are experienced in Brisbane. It is important that you are ready and you know what to do in case your windows get shattered into pieces as a result of the storm. Gerry, Director of Archer Glass, suggests that only experienced glaziers should remove and replace damaged glass, especially those with large shards to avoid getting injuries. Watch the interview to hear more of Gerry’s advice when it comes to dealing with storm season.

For your window replacement, repair and installment needs, contact Archer Glass at 07-3849-2664 or you visit their website

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Strong storms are experienced in Brisbane. It is important that you are ready and you know what to do in case your windows get shattered into pieces as a result of the storm. Gerry, Director of Archer Glass, suggests that only experienced glaziers should remove and replace damaged glass, especially those with large shards to avoid getting injuries. Watch the interview to hear more of Gerry’s advice when it comes to dealing with storm season.
For your window replacement, repair and installment needs, contact Archer Glass at 07-3849-2664 or you visit their website
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