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Arbab Ahmed
A man of heft and colour.
A man of heft and colour.

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Had a great time producing this with the most talented vocalist I know!

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The takeaway: block * on your network.

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I wouldn't want to leave.

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Arbab Ahmed hung out with 4 people.hicham khaled, lemwa laroog, مجدى بيومى, and عبد الكريم المحتفيد

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Saw that coming!
What a laughing stock. At this point, business majors should catalog this drama as the worst-case scenario in labour relations. Can you even call the NHL a major league at this point?

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This'll hurt your lungs quickfast.

Hey +ASUS, any chance we'll be seeing a Nexus 10 soon? The Nexus 7 is fantastic, but I want more screen!

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Once again, the #NHL  embarrasses itself in the world of pro sports. The thing is, I wonder if anyone really thought it'd be any different. Both sides of the conflict like to refer to other pro leagues, but they forget the most important point: they got the deal done on time.

Google+ makes me feel like I should get a DSLR, go out more, and have worthwhile photos to share. 

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If I had a kid's future to shape, I'd get it to exploit the booming IP law market.
Read for free on American law is patent nonsense, argues Sebastian Mallaby.

"A supposed pillar of the nation’s capitalist vigour has been revealed in all its decadence. That pillar is the US patent system, which has allowed Apple to extract $1bn from Samsung in compensation for alleged theft of intellectual property. According to nine randomly selected laymen – which is to say, a jury – Samsung might as well be known as Samesung, since features of its smart phone suspiciously resemble the iPhone." 

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