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Anyone know a way to watch video newscast. I have GTV but there is no CNN app or any sites streaming news. Any credible news source would be fine. Thanks.
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With my Roku I utilize the BBC News app they have. While i would prefer CNN or MSNBC, they don't play much in the streaming world. Yet.
Aljezeera, France 24, and even RT (with a grain of salt)...
There is a BBC World News channel on Roku.
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I'm looking forward to seeing this on the Roku.  The way they describe building the channel from the ground up thinking about cord cutters reminds me how intrigued I am with the business service of building a Roku channel for a media company.  Have you heard of any freelancers targeting that market?   
I have a Google TV and I use beyondpod. Set up some video rss feeds and you can watch them all there
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