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Arash Sammander
Lead Game Designer @ Rockway Oy, International Freelance Designer / Artist
Lead Game Designer @ Rockway Oy, International Freelance Designer / Artist

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Exactly how I feel at the moment.

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“We’re an analytics company masquerading as a games company,” said Ken Rudin, a Zynga vice president in charge of its data-analysis team, in one of a series of interviews with Zynga executives prior to the company’s July filing for an initial public offering.

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UDK on MAC about freaking time!!!

Longboarding Day 1:
Thought I was regular, quickly found out I was goofy. Got pumping, carving, and taking decent sharp turns. Stopping is getting there. Only fell on my ass hard once when I decided to try regular again. Ride is smooth, fast, and quiet. Had a total blast with Suse, and am hoping I can do it again tomorrow evening.

PS. Suse is now upset that I didn't get one sooner when she has been bugging me the whole summer and also envious cause she wants one now.

God bless all the people that died this day in the Sept. 11th attacks. My heart and prayers go out to their families and friends. Islam is not defined by the people that preformed those hideous acts, but by the people that stood against them.

Ok CIV V 75% off steam get it while you can. Just don't play it cause you will never get back to life I'm sure.

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Oh boy, this is not looking good.

Ok I know everyone is posting about Steve leaving. So no point in posting it. Great guy, still a chairman so stop worrying guys, the guy has to retire sometime.

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Welcome to Helsinki in the rain. Do your manhole covers do this? I don't think so!
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