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American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa
Delivering Essentials, Developing Opportunities.
Delivering Essentials, Developing Opportunities.

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Meet Sacdiya, one of the youngest children at our IDP Camp in #Somalia. As our ED asks for her name in Somali saying "magaceed". Sacdiya is still feeling the effects of the #drought, but hopefully she gets better soon!

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Do you want to know how the current displaced families in Somalia are living in IDP camps? Here is a video clip from our office in Somalia today. As you see, normal families like ours who are trying to make it through in a very tough time. ARAHA is going to take care of this IDP camp. Please donate to ease the hardship of these families:

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"On my first day of arriving in #Somaliland, I visited some areas of displaced families who moved with whatever left of livestock from east side of Somaliland to the west side looking for grass for their animals. They talked to me about their situation and needs right now. " - Mohamed Idris | ARAHA Executive Director

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American Refugee Committee recently hosted a panel discussion regarding the famine conditions in Somalia and the greater Horn of Africa region, and proposed US budget cut for foreign aid. The panel included Amy Klobuchar, Congressman Tom Emmer , ARAHA ED Mohamed Idris and other leaders of humanitarian organizations and community leaders.

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The drought is getting worse by the day, and if conditions don't improve, famine will be unavoidable. But you have the power to make an impact today, with a small contribution. #SaveSomalia

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Today's Featured ‪#‎LifeSaverCampaign‬: You are not alone 
by Eritrean Americans from Southern California, USA who aspire to bring smiles and empowerment to orphans dwelling in these refugee camps.
"Primarily, we hope to raise awareness about the plight of these refugees with focus on orphans. Secondly, we intend to raise funds in the amount of $10,000 in 2016 for the specific goals of: 
1- Sponsoring orphans, to cover their needs for food, shelter and school material 
2- Enrolling qualified orphans to higher education intuitions and covering their educational expenses.
We kindly ask that you commit to make a lasting change in their lives. Your $40 per month or any other amount covers the basic need of an orphan to clothing, shelter and schooling. Please don’t do not underestimate any donation that is bound to bring smiles to orphans long been forgotten.
- See more at:

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The Drought in the ‪#‎HornOfAfrica‬ region is getting worse by the day. With millions of people facing starvation, and death. We have to take urgent action while we still have a chance to save lives... We cannot wait for the official declaration of famine.

To Donate:

‪#‎Somalia‬ ‪#‎Ethiopia‬ ‪#‎Sudan‬ ‪#‎Kenya‬ ‪#‎HOADrought‬ ‪#‎HOAFamine‬

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On one of our relief efforts in the Awdal region of Somalia, we had a chance to speak to a few people regarding their conditions. Here is a message from one of them.

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The drought in the Horn of Africa region is getting more severe by the day, and millions of people are at risk of starvation and death. Therefore, it is urgent to act now.


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Our executive director and program director recently visited Feed My Starving Children in Minnesota. FMSC has tackled world hunger since 1987 by sending volunteer-packed, nutritious meals to 70 countries. These meals are specifically designed to reverse and prevent malnutrition and are used in schools, orphanages, clinics and feeding programs to break the cycle of poverty.
We are in the process of partnering with FMSC to tackle the recent severe drought that has hit the horn of Africa region.
‪#‎FeedMyStarvingChildren‬ ‪#‎PackforGood‬ ‪#‎HornOfAfrica‬
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