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Disney Freak, Tech Enthusiast, TV Director
Disney Freak, Tech Enthusiast, TV Director

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Aaaaand night mode isn't in System UI Tuner this year.... At least it's not teasing us anymore....
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Ah, memories... Has it been so long already?
Twas the Night Before I/O
adapted from A Visit From St. Nicholas

'Twas the night before I/O, and all through the net
every blogger was stirring, and placing their bet.
The attendees packed their gear with painstaking cares,
In hopes that free devices soon would be theirs;
The ROMmers were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of Lollipop danced in their heads;
And I with my Moto X and snug beanie cap,
Had just settled in with a boring game to tap.
When from Google+ arose such a clatter,
I bailed from my game to see what was the matter.

My notification shade I swiped down with fury,
And opened the app to see what was the hurry.
The bright AMOLED gave an ungodly glow,
to the mentions and posts I saw there below.
I tapped, and what appeared like a star,
But a crisp little screenshot with a new status bar.
The icons were different, the design was swell,
the one in the top left looked just like an L!
More rapid than eagles the commenters came,
And they whistled, and shouted, and called it by name:
"Now, Hera! Now, Moonshine! Now Quantum and Lollilop!
On, Consistence! On, Unity!”  It just did not stop!

To the top of the trends, to every home feed!
To every page and community, it spread like a weed!"
As leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
the rumors exploded as leaks fell from the sky;
And across the blogs and the networks they flew
With tiding of new toys, and Sundar Pichai too—
And then, in a twinkling, I saw a new post.
A Bloomberg interview with I/O’s Indian host.
As I drew up the site, and was reading aloud,
my eyes went wide as the news did confound.

The new version of Android awaits in the morning,
“We won’t get it till the fall” my mind blared in warning.
His reasons made sense, many problems it solves,
But the months of waiting this fix involves…
Now on users of all devices, a delay is imposed,
be they Nexus or Sumsung, be they stock or Xposed.

As I settled back in for my wait (and some ice cream),
I came to grips with this decision, and let out a scream.
“It’s better this way”, I thought, sinking into pillow fluff,
“Now we get an event to show off the new stuff.
We can show off Lollipop or Lemon Meringue Pie, 
And having to wait to get it shouldn't make us cry. 
For maybe now we can end the stigma and the fragmentation,
End the cycle of unsupported devices and their frustration.
If the update is staged, then the update should be wider, 
And the distribution charts should should not be a source of ire."
As the night wore on and the hours passed by, 
The commentary dwindled, and I let loose one last sigh. 

In the morning, we rushed to our computers and TV's, 
And we drew up the live stream to Cast it with ease. 
And as the minutes ticked down to the main event, 
We readied our credit cards, prepared to open our present. 
And there arose a great cheer as the countdown hit zero, 
"Welcome one, welcome all, to Google I/O."

#io14  +Google Developers

PS: I have an #iorequests : Can someone please prostrate themselves before the leader of the +Google Play Music team and thank them for All Access before begging for them to give back the dark UI we had before the orange and white came to blind us.  Thanks for your time, and enjoy I/O everybody!

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Oh, dear...
First article I've written in a while. This was an interesting test, but I can't understand why someone would think this is actually a good idea

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The only part of karaoke night that makes me sad: no Disney music to sing... 

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Diving into bed after a long week like a princess!

And now for the rain to start... 
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Crap, another villain good that speaks to my week.

TGIF, ya'll. 
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This month, I'm starting to get what working under Hook was like.

Also, I want to buy Smee a pint. 

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I'm not married to the app icons, but thoughts?

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Purdy walls for purdy music! 
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