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Music Production, Beat Production, Selling Beats online, Selling Music Online
Music Production, Beat Production, Selling Beats online, Selling Music Online

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What up world! new upload for you to listen to. Check out Hip Hop artist MC MyD as he lyrically paints the picture for you. "The Darkest Hour" Like, comment and subscribe to Aquimini Studio Productions YouTube Channel.

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What up world! I know that, I have been slacking a bit on pushing out post, tweets and what Aquimini productions has to offer, but I'm getting in gear, and starting to put things together for Aquimini Productions, and this first video is an example of the creations that will be coming to you Aquimini style. as a underground Rap recording artist, and music producer, I possess the abilities to do things like no other. So with that being said check out this artist who goes hard for Kalamazoo, Michigan as a seasoned Hip hop Artist who goes by MC MyD. like, comment, share and subscribe to this channel, thanks.

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Aquimini Productions is on Facebook. Make sure to check out my work, and like. Why should you? Because I'm an independent who is trying to stay on the right track by using my time wisely and constructively by using the tools I was given to create art in my own way. 
Check out a clip from a song off my new album project coming soon.

What up y'all! hey, Aquimini Pros just wanted to take time out to say thank you all for liking the page, and being patient being that I haven't posted anything in a while, but rest assure you that I am still in it to win it by continuing to put things together in order to serve my people quality work from your truly.

There is so much going on right now, and it's only one me, and hopefully that will change soon by getting others involved with my projects, ideas, and vision of purpose. Hope all are doing well. Feel free to ask questions about things of concern when it comes to my production.

What would you like to see come out of #AquiminiProductions? What artist do you see me working with to help they're work blossom threw my work. Be apart of my dual flow by getting involved threw your opinions, and input. That is all for now. Peace! New beats sounds coming soon

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"I Make The Craziest Beatz"

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