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Got water issues?

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We get calls all the time from people who are having water issues. We arrive to have a look and find out the system has not been serviced in many years. Here is one system we got working. No wonder they were disliking their water! Don't neglect your filtration system! It needs periotic maintenance just like your car or lawn mower!!!!

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Another great day in Florida!!!!! Happy Friday everyone!!!

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Best real estate on the planet!

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Best beach on the planet!

Vero beach is the best city on the planet!

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Hello everyone!

Please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce our company to you.

We are a water purification company in Vero Beach, FL named AquaTek. The company is owned and operated by myself and my wife, Lisa.

I have been in the water purification field for almost 20 years now, as a water purification specialist, repair technician and system designer. My wife and I decided last year to start our own company and after 20 years, including one with Culligan, I can assure you, I know who's equipment works and who's doesn't! I have teamed up with a manufacturer that has been in business 70 years and produces the best, industrial grade equipment, that will handle the harsh water conditions we have here in Florida, for long periods without the need for constant expensive repairs.

More and more, people are really starting to wake up in regards to the quality of the water entering their home, place of business and their bodies. Now people are actually disconnecting from municipal water sources and going back to private wells because, of all the contaminants in the municipal source water.

Well water usually will have one or two contaminants that need to be dealt with while, municipal water has hundreds of contaminates. Fluoride is one of the biggest municipal induced contaminants that people want to get away from. Fluoride removal requires a special, expensive media and for those wanting to get away from fluoride, drilling a well and putting in the necessary filtration to deal with the well conditions, is sometimes, a more cost effective, long term, solution for many people. People who want to stay on their municipal water source and are not concerned about fluoride, can filter out all the other contaminates inexpensively.

Our number one priority is to save the customer money and we look at water filtration a bit differently than other companies. For example, did you know it is more economical in the long run to filter the entire building over putting in a small, inadequate r/o filter under the sink for drinking water? Why do we say inadequate? Well, most people have been told the filters will last up to a year before needing to be replaced; this is simply not true. For the exception of the r/o membrane itself, all other filters should be replaced every month due to bacterial and spore growth. Most people however, don't or won't change the filters or even have someone change them for them, well beyond a years time due to the expense. Some companies charge $199.00 to come out and change the filters in a small r/o filter system. When you treat the entire house, you know you are good for a year and in some cases longer because the system is easy to monitor and test to know exactly when the filter media is exhausted and needing to be replaced and at an expense far less than properly maintaining a small r/o system. Plus when you filter the entire structure, you not only have clean drinking water, you also have clean bathing water!

All of our Aquatek Pro line of products are industrial grade and made right here in the U.S.A. Our Pro line computer controlled systems can out perform and have greater programming flexibility than anyone in the business. We also have a Pro line of solar powered units that will save the customer even more money. Our pro line units come with a five year warranty and we will test and maintain that unit every year for free during the warranty period. All of our units have been independently tasted and certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA). We can design and install systems from residential to heavy industrial and have the capability to target specific contaminant removal as well.

I was born here in Florida and have lived on the Treasure Coast since 1976. I am a strong believer in keeping our business with the people and businesses that live on the Treasure Coast as well! We would love to work with you and get to know you and your company and build a beneficial referral relationship! I am available to you 24/7 to answer any question or handle any problem you may need help with. Check out our web page and like us on Facebook; we are adding helpful and important information all the time.

We would love to meet you somewhere in the near future to help you or one of your clients!

John Warren
AquaTek Pro
Water Purification Company
Vero Beach, FL

Web page:

Face book:

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Another awesome day for us yesterday! We are now suppliers of IceCap products especially, the IceCap RO/DI 100GPD Smart Water Filtration System. This is the cream of the crop for clean drinking water with a zero TDS output!

IceCap RO/DI 100GPD Smart Water Filtration System

System comes with prefilters, membrane, refillable DI cartridge, canister wrench as well as other accessories needed to operate the system.Efficiently Providing 100 gallons per day of Pure H2O

Fully-Automated Water Management SMART Controller
Super Efficient: Tested to obtain ~1:3 Product/Waste water ratio*
Liquid filled pressure gauge
High efficiency booster pump
Leak detection with audible alarm
Timer and Manual Mode
Triple Inline TDS Readout with filter replacement notification
Rugged metal frame for convenient free-standing placement or for space saving wall mounting
Unique ElectroDeposition frame coating
Spacious Access to All System Components


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Don't expect anyone to make sure your water is clean! It is always up to you! Have your water tested so you will know exactly what contaminants are coming into your home!
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In the market for a water softener? If you are on a well in Florida, the first thing most people on wells need is a water softener due to the hardness of the water here. If you try to save money on the water softener itself, it will cost you more per year to run than if you had bought a more expensive water softener.
A water softener removes hardness and iron from the water flowing through it and must clean itself (regenerate) now and then to remove the impurities it captured from the water. If your water softener is a small, inexpensive unit it will need to regenerate more frequent than a larger, more expensive unit. To save money in the long run, you want a unit large enough to extend the time between regenerations. A water softener uses sodium or potassium chloride (salt) to clean itself.
On average, salt runs about seven dollars per 40 lb. bag if, you go and buy it yourself and lug it home. The more salt you use each year, the more your system will cost you and even more so, if your water softener is an under sized, inexpensive unit. Buying a water softener due to the expense of the unit should be examined very carefully or it will cost you more per year in salt than the unit itself.
This is how our 10" x 54" solar powered water softener can save you money!
40 lb. bag of regular crystal salt = $7.00 on avg.
$7.00 / 40 lbs. = .175 cents per pound
10" x 54" unit uses 20 lbs. avg. salt per regeneration
20 x .175 = $3.50 per regeneration
regeneration interval in days:
every day - cost per year $1277.50 savings $0
every 2 days - cost per year $638.75 Savings $638.75
every 3 days - cost per year $425.84 Savings $851.66
every 4 days - cost per year $319.38 Savings $958.12
every 5 days - cost per year $255.50 Savings $1022.00
every 6 days - cost per year $212.92 Savings $1064.58
Obviously, you want a large enough unit to handle your water conditions and extend the regeneration interval enough to save you a lot of money in salt every year. The initial cost of the unit is a one time thing, while the cost of salt is not and fluctuates. Don't be fooled by the low priced units, they will cost you in the end!
Our units are professional grade and built to handle Florida's water conditions. They have a 5 year warranty and will save you even more money because they are solar powered. Call us today for a free water test and we will show you how to save money with our made in the USA for 56 years and WQA certified systems.
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