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Hot tub Test Soak:
A hot tub is not only a luxury, but also a full fledged means for relaxing your body. You need to experience the feeling of a hot tub before deciding to buy a particular variety of hot tub. Most folks believe that all varieties of the hot tubs deliver the same experience, but it is not true. This is for a good reason.
Designers and manufactures use different hydrotherapy techniques for designing hot tubs.  It is interesting to know that not all hot tub uses same jetting techniques so users have a different experience with different Hot tubs. This is the number one reason to test the hot tubs you are looking at to feel the hydromassage jets before buying.
Importance of the Soak Test:
Testing is important to have a real feeling of the hot tub you are looking at buying. It is even more true for those brands of the hot tubs that use generic type jetting found in a lot of your big box store type spas. However, for those brands who use proprietary jetting technology like Jacuzzi, it's even more important to test the hot tub full and running. This gives you a real world feel of the different hydrotherapy used by the original hot tub manufacturer.
Compatibility Test:
There are two main seating arrangements for a hot tub. You can choose from a barrier free seating arrangement which allows you to seat more people in a smaller amount of space. Or, you can choose to go with an arrangement which includes a recliner. Either way you go, make sure you find one you are comfortable with.
It is important to understand that we all have different body structures. Some of us have long legs, while some of us have wide shoulders, and some of us may be a bit bulky so we need a hot tub that suits our body structure. Keeping this in mind, Jacuzzi not only provides you an ergonomically engineered design ,but also offers dozens of variations of seating depths. 

Our Labor Day Jacuzzi Hot Tub Sale has begun!

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Memorial Day Jacuzzi Hot Tub Sale Ends 5/31/15

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Have you seen Jacuzzi's redesigned J-300 Collection Hot Tubs?  We stock every model  Check us out 11305 Rancho Bernardo Rd in San Diego or 6990 El Camino Real in Carlsbad!

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Check out the yelp page for our newest store!

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Check out this new color from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs: Titanium!!

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New store looks great! Check us out Thursday's-Monday's.

Opening late August 2014!
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