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Casual, crazy country life with kids, critters and good food! Never enough hours in the day and always a new project, recipe or life lesson!
Casual, crazy country life with kids, critters and good food! Never enough hours in the day and always a new project, recipe or life lesson!


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Farmers Market Friday - Meridian Township Farmers Market
Welcome to Farmers Market Friday!   On this sunny Saturday morning, my daughter had a conference
at Michigan State University which gave my little buddy and I an excuse to
visit the nearby Meridian Township Farmers Market (right behind the Meridian Mall in ...

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4th of July Roundup - Fast Food and Fun Projects
Hosting a last minute get-together for the 4 th ?  A roundup of easy finger foods and simple projects to keep kids entertained!  Start with this  Blueberry Sparkle Punch - just use red, white and blue sugar crystals to rim the glasses! Herbed Goat Cheese Cr...

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My Pinterest Pallet Garden - Year 4
Pallets are all the rage for projects the past couple of
years and my pallet garden has been one of the most visited posts on my
blog.  Inspired by a drought, overgrown
field, lack of time, and yes, Pinterest…my pallet garden is still working very
well for ...

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Dining Room Update
This dining room has come a long way in two years.  All the way from this... You can see the beginning of the transformation here .  It’s one of those rooms that I only had a
partial vision for and I didn’t really have much to put in there beyond all the

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Hutch Makeover
It’s only taken me about a year and a half to complete the
hutch remake that I started when we first moved in – that’s not too bad,
right?  At some point in the home renovation process we lost some
momentum – and some inspiration – and finishing some of the...

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Farmers Market Fridays - Nelson's Farm Market
It’s Friday and it’s June so welcome back to Farmers Market
Fridays!   I had the excuse a few weeks
ago to make a day trip that took me past a Farm Market store that I have often
admired  but never had the chance to stop at.   I had some extra time so I sto...

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eBook Winners!
Good morning, dear readers! I just love these little signs - and the fairy too - that I found visiting a farm market yesterday.  Words are a powerful thing and it is a great gift to our children to share powerful stories that teach empathy with our children...

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Last Day for Giveaway Entry and a #TBT Cupcake Recipe
Today is the last day to enter this giveaway for a free copy of the fun children's eBook "Candy and the Cankersaur"!  This is a low entry giveaway and I have 10 copies to give away.   Entering is easy - just sign in to Rafflecopter with your email address o...

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Please enter and share this low entry giveaway!  10 winners will be selected to receive a free eBook "Candy and the Cankersaur".  Contest ends May 1.
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