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hooray! i might actually get to join a hangout! (i don't have a camera)
Graduating another extra: making phone calls from inside Hangouts

In the past few months, we’ve graduated two widely-used features from Hangouts with extras to the main Hangouts experience: screensharing and Google Docs. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re graduating a third and very popular feature -- the ability to call a phone number from Hangouts. Calls to the US and Canada are free, and international calling rates are super, super low (

To dial in someone:
- When you’re in a hangout, click on the “Invite” button and then on the “+telephone” link.
- Enter the number you want to dial, and hit “Add.” (Note: You can only call one number at a time. Dialing a second phone number will replace the existing call.)

As always, let us know what you think in the comments, or via the “Send feedback” button!

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This sounds like a great way to prank call people while hanging out.
April M
phone game during a F2T? why not! you could also use it to get guys like dr. nick in while maintaining anonymity.
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