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Automated Android and Fire OS app testing on real devices.
Automated Android and Fire OS app testing on real devices.

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We've joined AWS! Check out AWS Device Farm to test your apps on real phones and tablets in the AWS Cloud.

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AppThwack Appium Tutorial
Get started with #Appium locally. Then, with a few simple changes to your configuration, run those same tests on 100s of real, physical devices in cloud. Follow along with our simple tutorial to get rolling.

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AppThwack results directly in Jenkins UI
Check out the newest additions to our Jenkins plugin, which powers mobile continuous integration on real devices.

New additions include results in your dashboard, performance trends, and numerous usability improvements.

Need help getting started with CI and AppThwack? Let us know and we'll get you set up.

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Meet us at PyCon!
Heading to Montreal for PyCon later this week? Come visit us!

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Webinar: Testing on Android in the Fragmented Market
Our friends over at #Intel Software are holding a free session on testing for Android tomorrow. Although we typically shy away from the dreaded "f" word over here, there's no denying Android carries with it some interesting challenges. The webinar will cover test strategies for emulators and simulators, real devices, and cloud-based providers. You can register for the event below.

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Etsy's Journey to Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps
Check out this great article by +Etsy Eng team member Nassim Kammah on how they are embracing continuous integration and testing for their mobile apps. PRs in Github, CI and build tasks via Jenkins, locally hosted simulators/emulators, and real devices in the cloud hosted by AppThwack.

Nassim raises some good questions, as well, like how to write tests that run on hundreds of devices at once. Will be exciting to keep tabs on their progress.

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XCTest and OCUnit now Supported
We just added support for two very popular iOS test frameworks: OCUnit and the new (as of Xcode 5) XCTest. Follow along with this simple guide and get your tests running in our device lab in no time. In addition to your test results, you'll get device logs, performance data, and overall trends packaged up nice and neat in an actionable report.

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Are you using Jenkins to power your continuous integration? Our friends over at +CloudBees have an excellent blog post up about how to integrate cloud-hosted, real device testing into your workflow, both in your local Jenkins setup or an environment hosted by CloudBees.

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Announcing Free App Testing on Intel Devices
Thanks to a sponsorship from #Intel Software, you can test your Android apps for free on Intel Atom powered phones and tablets through AppThwack.

Tests on these devices won't deduct minutes from your account, and you can find them by selecting the devices individually or using the new device pool called "Intel Atom." Get more details on the blog post.

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In SF? Join us Wednesday, January 8th to learn about running #Appium tests on real, cloud-hosted Android and iOS devices with AppThwack. Hope to see you there!

And yes, that means we support Appium. Happy New Year!
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