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Question of the Day: #VacuumFormation ... What is it and which industries commonly use this process?

Vacuum formation is a type of #thermoforming  involving the heating, moulding and shaping of sheet plastics. Instead of using traditional thermoplastic processes with powder or granulate, we work with extruded plastic sheeting to ensure you receive a custom order specific to your business requirements.

Automotive and aircraft are a couple of industries where this unique plastic moulding process is used.

Here at #APHollings  we use only the finest vacuum formation materials to handcraft plastic products in popular demand. If there's a technical aspect you need some clarification on, feel free to ask us anything about our products and services. Our friendly team can provide your business with valuable information by email or over the phone.

For more useful insights into the vacuum formation techniques we use at A P Hollings, check out the link below:

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When the time comes for your business to branch out its product range, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help.

Whether you work in the #automotive  industry, with aircraft or within another transportation niche, here at #APHollings  it's our priority to make sure your prototypes are in efficient working order, and fit for public use.

Our team has worked on a broad spectrum of previous projects, and we are very proud of every completed project. One of the most rewarding contracts we have worked on was the design and development of transport pods for #HeathrowAirportTerminal5 .

Here you'll be able to glean insight into what this exciting project entailed, as well as the finished result:

#AirportTransportLondon   #APHollingsCraftsmanship   #PrototypeDesignandDevelopment  

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Here at #APHollings we offer a variety of bespoke #engineeringservices to our valued clients, including businesses from the automotive industry.

One of our most popular services is #RIM and #PUMoulding  which involves moulds being crafted from either aluminium or epoxy resin.

When determining which of these two materials should be used, keep in mind that this largely depends on the required lifespan of your mould, and the complexity of the component to be moulded.

For instance, a large #productionorder of 10,000 mouldings or more will require aluminium moulds as these are cost effective, and cost considerably less than injection moulding tools.

If you would like to find out further info on RIM moulding or to place an order, call us today and we'll be happy to share our expertise:

01268 743217

#APHollingsEssex   #AutomotiveMouldingServices   #EngineeringCraftsmanship

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The art of exceptional #craftsmanship  doesn't happen overnight, it takes time and skill to perfect. On a similar note, sometimes it is necessary to shop around if your goal is to find affordability and artisan craftsmanship.

Here at #APHollings  we combine skilled craftsmanship, great value and dedicated customer service to ensure the needs of our clients are exceeded every time.

Whether you require a custom #productionorder  on automotive or engineering parts, our trained team of artisans will continue to go the extra mile when it comes to understanding your specifications and creating a finished product.

To read up on our design and production process, why not check out our revamped website:

#AutomotiveCraftsmanship   #APHollingsServices   #APHWeb  

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Who are we? A P Hollings

What do we do? Plastic formation and moulding, vacuum forming, CMM inspection services, CAD/CAM tooling and machining.

What sets our company apart from the rest? With over 60 years of professional engineering experience, our specialist services combine modern technologies with a high level of precision and attentive customer service.

Which industries do our services cater for? From automotive and transportation, to lighting, aircraft, construction and manufacturing, we have a range of tailored services to suit your business' area of expertise.

Head over to our official website and discover the custom projects we have worked on for a range of happy customers:

#APHWebServices   #APHollingsandSons   #3DGenerationEngineering

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At #TeamAPHollings  it's always a pleasure to be able to work with a wide variety of clients, and every order is completely unique.

So when we were approached by #GreevesMotorcycles  to create a fairing component prototype, naturally we couldn't wait to get to work on their order.

Our team interacted closely with this reputable motocycle company to ensure specifications were precise for the exact product they were looking for.

The project was a complete success and after the client saw the #vacuumformedshell  we created, this resulting in them placing a full production order. All in all, another satisfied customer. :)

Got a motorbike, car or other vehicle that requires custom vacuum-formed parts? Why not contact us today and let's craft something perfect.

#VacuumFormationSpecialists   #FairingComponents   #APHollingsAutomotiveServices   

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Here at #APHollings  we're proud to work with a whole host of exciting industry sectors, and each of our clients is different from the previous.

Whether our team is developing full prototype transport pods for Heathrow Airport, or crafting #fibreglass  lighting tower covers for construction plant manufacturers, it's safe to say that no two days are identical in our busy line of work.

To find out more on our expert fibreglass and prototyping services, along with insights into how we work on a project from start to finish, why not visit our #casestudies  page below:

#APHWeb   #APHollingsServicesEssex  #PlasticMouldingSpecialists

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So many of today's businesses are all about achieving high targets, but over time this can result in them having to compromise their customer service efforts.

At #APHollings we proudly use the latest #fibreglasstechnologies  coupled with attentive levels of customer service to ensure that every order we work on is completed to the highest possible standard.

Each member of our dedicated team will follow detailed specifications to ensure you receive the utmost precision and care on your finished product.

Whether you require a custom body kit for your car, #vacuumformed  motorcycle parts or other bespoke automotive parts, we can help to transform your vehicle and give it a face lift in the process.

Simply visit our website below to view our complete range of #fibreglassmoulding and vacuum forming services:

#ModernVacuumFormationSpecialists   #CustomAutoParts #ProductsandPrototypes  

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On the hunt for the finest quality #vacuumforming  craftsmanship? Want a company you can trust? A P Hollings can help!

With over 60 years of experience in working with a vast range of different moulding plastics, we can provide vacuum forming products in batches ranging from 1 to 1000.

Whether you require a one-off prototype or a large scale batch of fabricated plastic moulds, you've come to the right place.

Why not take a look at some examples of our vacuum forming designs below, or contact us on 01268 770681 for more info:

#VacuumFormingExperts   #VacuumFormedParts   #APHollingsKeyServices  

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Want to get to grips with #vacuumforming  and understand how this simplified thermoforming process can benefit your business needs?

At A P Hollings, we specialise in producing state of the art plastic moulds and cover a wide spectrum of #plasticfabricationrequirements  to suit your individual preferences.

Whether your industry relates to aircraft, automotive, railway or defence, our vacuum forming expertise means that we can produce a quality batch of end products with every application.

#VacuumFormedParts #APHollingsProducts   #VacuumFormingLondon  
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