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A Lullaby Story was a labour of love for +Denis Calnan and me. We loved putting this special +CBC Radio One show, exploring the wonderful world of lullabies, and new ways of telling stories via audio.

Many thanks to the people who helped make it all happen, including: Sally Jaeger, Sandra Trehub, Laurel Trainor, Catherine Hernandez, Judith Cohen, Russell Smith, Michele Johnson, Robert Klymasz, and Lindy Vopnfjörð.

#Music #Lullaby #Storytelling

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The second last stop on my #HowToEat series for +Toronto Star: +Shoushin Japanese Sushi Bar in #Toronto.

Always curious about good sushi (I've had some bad sushi experiences), I was even more intrigued by the art behind the food after watching the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Although I was a little intimidated by the whole experience, it was truly a discovery to eat chef Jackie Lin's preparations. I'm often amazed at the world class experiences we can have right in this city; and this was one of them.

Next episode: How to eat lobster.

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In this episode of my #HowToEat series for +Toronto Star, I learn why #Somali food is often served with a banana. Needless to say, the meal was delicious.

It was a pleasure to share a meal with @chefbashirmunye @istarrestaurant in #Toronto. Besides being charming, knowledgeable and patient with my questions, he had a great sense of humour.

Next week: Sushi!

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In this episode of my +Toronto Star #HowToEat food series, I take on a question that perplexed me during many visits to #Korean restaurants in my #NorthYork neighbourhood. I was confused by the side dishes that came before the main dish. What are you supposed to with them?

I found my answers in this episode of #HowToEat, featuring banchan.

Next week: Somali food

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Part two of my food journey in #Toronto. In this episode for my #HowToEat series for +Toronto Star, I got a chance to share an #Ethiopian meal with the lovely Eden Hagos, at Ethiopiques Restaurant.
I'd always been curious, what's the etiquette when you are sharing a platter of food? My take-away: When you eat with family and friends you love, you share accordingly.
Eden's pro-tip: Do not lick your fingers! My pro-tip: Check out Eden's blog +Black Foodie.
Thanks Eden, for taking a chance on me with the #gursha. :)
Next week: Korean food.

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I got a chance to explore the idea of "home" in a radio documentary for +CBC Radio One #TheDocProject.

Home has always been a foreign concept to me. As a daughter of a diplomat, I didn't grow up in one place, until my teenage years in #NewDelhi. It's the city of many special memories for me. But then I moved to #Toronto, and made a new home, with new memories.

Yet, every two years, I long to be back in New Delhi. I keep a list of things I need to get done, new places I need to check out, and old haunts to visit with old friends.

But I can't explain all that to my kids, not yet anyway. So this is where I end up -- in limbo.

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I came up with the idea of the "How to eat" food series for +Toronto Star after watching some people struggle with eating rotis or naans at Indian restaurants. Often they would try and use a knife and fork to cut the naan, which could make for some comical situations.

I would find myself in similar predicaments while eating at the many culturally-diverse restaurants in #Toronto, wondering whether I making some sort of a faux pas in eating a particular dish. And so, this series came about.

This is part 1 featuring Indian food. Thanks to +Kiran Rai for humouring my questions about her technique, and +Bombay Street Food for hosting us.

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I wrote this piece on the launch of Contemporaneity for The Dance Current magazine. Contemporaneity is a two-year project co-organized by Brandy Leary and Soraya Papaya, with a mandate to #decolonize the dance space. #Toronto #dance #contemporary 

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I produced this story on Infinite Storms, the latest work by Toronto-based contemporary dancer Nova Bhattacharya. Nova showcases her training in #Bharatnatyam and passion for bringing aspects of the form to the #Toronto mainstage as a #contemporary #dance. Infinite Storms is her exploration of living with #migraines, and surviving the pain. +CBC Radio One 

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Whenever I hear the word "goddess" being used as an offhand pop cultural reference or to comment on someone's make-up, I inwardly cringe. I wrote about why, in this piece for #Hazlitt. 
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