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I wrote this piece on making my Nani's mango pickle for +The Globe and Mail.

When we were young, porcelain jars would appear in my Nani's apartment balcony, in New Delhi, India. They contained my grandmother's mango pickle. For the longest time, I simply relied on my Nani to make a new batch. But that wasn't possible after we moved to #Toronto. So I tried to recreate that recipe. Turns out, I needed a little help of science, along side following tradition. #Food #Pickles

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I wrote about #Punjabi movie #SuperSingh starring #DiljitDosanjh #SonamBajwa for +Toronto Star It was lots of fun to interview him in Toronto, when he came for his Dream Tour concert.

“There’s Dark Knight. Man of Steel. Deadpool. We should have a Punjabi superhero too.”

Diljit can be full of jokes, but he was totally serious about this!

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My first piece for #NOW #Magazine. I spoke to #Toronto/#GTA author Pasha Malla about his new book #FugueStates.

He spoke about writing #Kashmir, expectations around second-generation immigrant fiction, and subverting tropes.

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I produced this story for +q on cbc on artist and musician +Vivek Shraya.

This story was such a joy to produce for many reasons. Vivek is a delight to interview, generous with her thoughts, and encouraging of conversation. And I got to listen to her new record Part Time Woman a bunch of times to weave in the #music. #Toronto #LGBTQ

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This was the last episode in my +Toronto Star #HowToEat series. Even though summer seems to be playing a bit of hide and seek with us in 2017, you don't really need the weather as an excuse to indulge in eating lobsters.

Lobsters can be intimidating for newbies like me, and a host/guide who can explain how to crack open the shell and dig into a meat helps. Big thanks to Bronwen Clark at Rodney's Oyster House in #Toronto, who was my guide.

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I wrote about #Indian #indie #movies showcased at +IFFSA Toronto TV for +The Globe and Mail; they explore topics that once were thought of as film festival fare, and are finding a larger audience. #LipstickUnderMyBurkha #Newton 

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I wrote about +IFFSA Toronto TV for +Toronto Star; the film festival opened with The Black Prince, a bio-pic on Maharajah Duleep Singh.

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A Lullaby Story was a labour of love for +Denis Calnan and me. We loved putting this special +CBC Radio One show, exploring the wonderful world of lullabies, and new ways of telling stories via audio.

Many thanks to the people who helped make it all happen, including: Sally Jaeger, Sandra Trehub, Laurel Trainor, Catherine Hernandez, Judith Cohen, Russell Smith, Michele Johnson, Robert Klymasz, and Lindy Vopnfjörð.

#Music #Lullaby #Storytelling

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The second last stop on my #HowToEat series for +Toronto Star: +Shoushin Japanese Sushi Bar in #Toronto.

Always curious about good sushi (I've had some bad sushi experiences), I was even more intrigued by the art behind the food after watching the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Although I was a little intimidated by the whole experience, it was truly a discovery to eat chef Jackie Lin's preparations. I'm often amazed at the world class experiences we can have right in this city; and this was one of them.

Next episode: How to eat lobster.

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In this episode of my #HowToEat series for +Toronto Star, I learn why #Somali food is often served with a banana. Needless to say, the meal was delicious.

It was a pleasure to share a meal with @chefbashirmunye @istarrestaurant in #Toronto. Besides being charming, knowledgeable and patient with my questions, he had a great sense of humour.

Next week: Sushi!
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