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Hello everyone!

Our first beta for Cal for Android is finally here!

In order to be a beta tester for Cal, you need to:
1. Join our "Any.do super users" community
2. Opt-in using this link:

After you opt-in, click on the download link on the same page. If you get an error - just try again in an hour or so. It should take a few hours until the app will be available to everyone.

If you already have a previous Cal version - please UNINSTALL it first.

We put in a lot of work to bring you the best calendar experience to your Android device. We would LOVE to hear your feedback on the appropriate channels on this community, as listed on the left ("Cal Discussion", "Cal Suggestions" etc.).

We remind you - this is a BETA version. This version is not fully stable and crashes/bugs may occur. Please report crashes using the "Report" option on any "Force close" message you get, with a description of what you did.

Thank you all for being our super users, and helping us bring a quality calendar app to Android.

- The Any.do team

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I can sign up for the testing but the link in the app store seems to be down
come on, after all this waiting you guys come with a broken link .... this is teasing to a new level
......We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.
Guys - please try again in a few hours, it takes some time for the app to be available for everyone.
Same as kirsty... I tried with firefox. With default browser it get stuck at log in. Tried on play store app. Nothing worked...
+Jonathan Ardila
 you're kidding me right ? if you make an announcement you'd better be prepaid with a functional link, all this messages from all people all day with 404, are only because they don't check the link ...
+Any.do i've tried all day the link from when i've been notified with these release, a few hours means tomorrow ? so you should have made this announcement tomorrow
Looks like we're getting closer. Now it says Can't Find Item. 
+Jonathan Ardila
sorry because i didn't see the joke :P, i was to angry on them, first because cal was on iphone for a long time and second when finally android version its out you have to wait like forever
Not avaible on french Play store ? 
got it too....  very slow.  concerned
Just installed the Cal beta on my HTC Sensation and it is (so far) working nicely. Still quite some tests to do, but for now I can only say: one of the best modern, wisely developed and nicely designed calendar and Android apps! For me for now  definitely No.1 Android calendar app (especilly cool that it is so smoothly integrated with Any.Do). Keep up the good work!
Works. Beautiful. Needs sync with Google services (Google contacts) as well as FB's.
But already 5-6 crashes during 10 minutes. Device: Nexus7 2gen.
The latest update has made the widget disappear from my list of widgets.
Still not working for me. I joined the community but don't see the app in play
Using Samsung Galaxy Note 2. No widget available
This is gorgeous! Can't wait for a widget for my Galaxy III home screen. 
no aparecen widgets... ¿a alguien mas le ocurre?
Danny D
Best calendar app ever 
Installed and worked nicely so far.
Do you know a way to set reocurring task, like every mondays and thursdays at 19 hs.?
+Any.do  Works great at Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and I like the design very simple to use - The widget is missing but who cares :D
Seems to work fine on HTC One 4.3 rooted
The widget isn't available .... but the app  is great! 
very slow Performance. No Widget. Wait for fixes
Is there a way to see what version the app is on? I don't see it on the play store. I currently have v.11 is that the latest?
Needs pop up reminder feature like Google calendar

Edit- done :-)
There are plenty of 'Agenda' widgets for Android. What the Play Store is missing, is a good 'month view' calendar that will show your availability. I was really hoping that Any-Do was going to tackle this on the widget end. :-(

But otherwise a clean interface - a tad buggy still but regardless, it will be nice. 
Bellissimo calendario. Forse troppo insistente la notifica ogni volta che si accende lo schermo..
Guys, I added a reminder on my cell phone, and it didn't appear on my tablet. The same version is installed on both. 
To all guys that have missed the link: once you click on the link above you have to login in your Google+ account on your browser. Preferably use Chrome or Firefox (even on android) as the built in one have script bug. Then once you log, you have to click on a button saying something like "become a tester" and only then click down the page on the link to google play. I personally installed using web google play on my Firefox in Android (4.1.2).
Wish you good luck!
Theme would love a black theme to match the Any.do theme

The small underline designating an event date are all off by one day. The day prior. The underline could be slightly darker for me. 
Only issue I'm seeing is it showing my work address map as somewhere on the west coast of the US. I'm in the United Kingdom.
It won't connect to anything in the Play Store for me. Please advise
+Bob Garon if you have registered in Google+ group and clicked on the play link above (top of the post), then try to look for button test or become a tester and click on it, then you would be able to download the app. Good luck!
Yes been there done that. I had to go on chrome and download it through chrome's webpage for the play store directly to my phone.
The link was broken until  i realised i was logged on another acount in google play, logged with the same account i became a tester and voila
Any way to get Exchange calendars to show up when using Touchdown for Android? The stock Exchange client/email app really leaves alot to be desired, so I know quite alot of companies employ Touchdown instead.
When I turn to landscape with the month up  it doesn't open up any different more "open" view. So I still have to click the day to see if anything is scheduled, whereas on other calendars like Splanner it gives me color coded text snippets so I can look at the month and quickly see where and what most important stuff is happening. This is a huge drawback to Cal at the moment.   

Any.do integration would be nice if it were properly integrated but currently it only highlights one of Any.do's most lacking features... When you click on a task in cal it only opens up Any.do to the main  list, not the actual task. Which because Any.do has NO SEARCH CAPABILITY makes it a major PITA to scroll around a NON FILTERABLE NONSENSICALLY arranged list of tasks. If it weren't for the amazing "plan" feature of Any.do (which seems broken at the moment because often times when you snooze or postpone a task it will alert too early i.e. click 1 hr and it alerts in only 30 mins) it otherwise might be the worst functioning task app around. Why not just fix basic functionality like search, sorting and making the reoccurring task options more robust and making Any.do best in class then integrating into Cal development instead of creating 2 potentially best in class apps that are floundering in mediocrity.

Its great to have potentially advanced features but not at the expense of the basics because once a user tries the apps and cant do basics it usually gets discarded and rarely revisited.....
Any.do would it be possible to change the color of the days of the week to make the widget easier to read. I sometimes get confused as to which day I'm looking at because the grey blends in with the white background
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