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Anvar Jamal Saifi
Intern | Believer | Passionate | Digital Marketer | Son | Brother | Photographer | Loves Tea & Coffee | Traveler
Intern | Believer | Passionate | Digital Marketer | Son | Brother | Photographer | Loves Tea & Coffee | Traveler

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Here is a template to how to track you SEO in a good way! Give it a try. #SEO

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Just recreated my website and here it is finally!

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Thanks +NASA for sharing such good programming standards in C. Here are some if you would like to have a look! The great thing is that even though I am not a professional programmer I can understand this due to the simplicity they are explained in. +Programming Geeks +Programming with c\c++ and java

1: Restrict all code to very simple control flow constructs. Do not use GOTO statements, setjmp or longjmp constructs, or direct or indirect recursion.

2: All loops must have a fixed upper bound. It must be trivially possible for a checking tool to statically prove that a preset upper bound on the number of iterations of a loop cannot be exceeded. If the loop-bound cannot be proven statically, the rule is considered violated.

3: Do not use dynamic memory allocation after initialization.

4: No function should be longer than what can be printed on a single sheet of paper (in a standard reference format with one line per statement and one line per declaration.) Typically, this means no more than about 60 lines of code per function.

5: The assertion density of the code should average a minimum of two assertions per function. Assertions must always be side effect-free and should be defined as Boolean tests.

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+Supratik Mukherjee Hi, any good news for the +Microsoft Azure contest?

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Successfully earned my Email Marketing Certification! thanks to +HubSpot and @isaac moche

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Finished my internship in Singapore with | Ready for other adventures!

How can Donald Trump STILL win over the hearts and thus, elections? From an international student's point of view.
1. Understand to give respect to all people. We understand personal opinion for everyone matters and are subjective. Still they should not be the base for any election.
2. Learn from your mistake and feedback of the public.
3. Learn that a successful candidate or a politician brings people together and spreads love and peace-harmony.
4. However, it's very difficult to regain back the lost trust and respect, but things might work, if he apologize and ask for an another chance. This has worked with +Arvind Kejriwal #ArvindKejriwal and we gave him the chance!

For +Donald Trump! [Kiyurix de las pelucas] +realDonald Trump +DonaldTrump@thenextpresident @realdonaldtrump #donaldtrump 

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Anvar Jamal Saifi commented on a post on Blogger.
Great advice!

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