Chromebooks: A Few Months Later
So I've been using my Samsung Chromebook for a little while and for the past few days I used it exclusively. I wanted to see what it would be like. Here are my findings in Q&A format.

How is it?
So far, pretty damn good. I was annoyed by it in the beginning, but I've grown into it. The battery life is phenomenal, but that's expected. The trackpad rivals that of a Macbook, but lacks gestures (assuming it's mainly because of patents). It felt slow in the beginning but after a few updates it's gotten super speedy. It still doesn't run as fast as my other computer, but it would be kind of foolish to think otherwise.

Any Major Gripes?
More. Offline. Apps. Please. I'd expect majority of Google apps to be offline at least, but they're not. A few already are, like Gmail, Docs, and Calendar, but I also want to see Reader and - much more importantly, imo - Google Music.

Can it replace my PC?
It's so close. So close, it's unbelievable. I didn't realize how little I need anything other than a browser. Once they added the side-by-side option, my experience has gone up so many levels. The only thing it's missing is Eclipse. That gets added, I don't need to buy anything else. I'm not joking - that's literally all I need now.

Should I Buy It?
Not just yet. There's a lot more mobile form factors/platforms being released this year. It'll be the most important year for mobile computing and you'll want to wait until you get a clear picture of what's coming before you invest in something like this. Plus, I think that the pricing is still kind of ridiculous.

Did you have any questions/comments? Let me know!
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