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Care What Others Think Of You and You Always Will Be Their Prisoner!

So many lives have taken a different turn because of societal norms and the biggest fear they have - What will people think? Read now to find out how to deal with it and take the best decisions for yourself and make your happiness top priority! :)

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#happiness #Dontcare #selfreliance #dontletothersdefineyou #standtall

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Is love all we need in life? How many of us actually fight for it or we just move on to the next best thing? We often hear about difficult love stories and see it a million times in movies and underestimate the pain people go through. It's so easy to give up but so difficult to hold on, against all odds. Click now to read the story of Andy and Ana and how they made it work!
#heroes #thehappinesvault #lovewins #fightagainstallodds

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Finally! My first story of the "Heroes" series is here! This is a story of a beautiful strong woman who fought endless battles in life and yet beams with happiness and positivity. She is a goddamn fighter! She never had it easy but yet loves life and does not blame others for it. I hope this inspires at least one person to try a little harder and not give up! <3 Click now to read more about her. Link in bio👆

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#heroes #fighter #nevergiveup #strongwoman #respect #thehappinessvault

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Dairy of Single Women! - On Thrive Global too! Read now!

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Rumors can change lives. It creates an imaginary present which affects one's future! Read more to find out how to deal with nasty rumors.✌️
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😇 #happiness # #selflove #love #loveyourself #youareawesomerememberthat #thehappinessvault #positivelife #youarespecial #lovelife #rumors #dontjudge #keepsmiling #believe

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Holaaa !! Starting a new series on my blog called 'HEROES'. Join me in spreading happiness and hope. All details in the video.
If you have an inspiring story to share or want to dedicate it to your loved one, here is how you can contact me:
1) Leave a comment on Facebook or send me a personal message
2) Leave a comment on Instagram or DM me (@anu2601)
3) You can email me -
Waiting! 😘😘😘😘
It will take some time to collate all the responses and finalize the stories.

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Happy Valentines Day You Sexy Bunch! 😘😘(In Advance)
You love Valentine's day if committed and hate it if you are single? Do something different this year ! Click on the link to find out!😬😬
Show some Love !❤️❤️
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#happiness #thehappinessvault #valentine #lifehacks #valentinesday #single #committed #love #dating
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