Two days in with the Pebble smartwatch

I have now been using the Pebble for almost exactly 48 hours and so far I am mostly loving the experience. There are a few teething issues, but most of them should be cured some time in the near future, since they are software based. For example, some of the promised features (a Golf Rangefinder, RunKeeper integration) are not yet available.

The biggest problem with the Pebble is the current lack of a public SDK, which was supposed to be released before the watches started shipping. This, however, did not happen and it is really hurting us early adopters, since there is not yet much you can do with the watch besides the obvious: see the time, notifications and caller ID, or control music on your smartphone. All these are neat features, but the novety wears off quite quickly. The fact that the current Pebble ecosystem consists of a handful of different watchfaces (see my photo album about Pebble) and a couple of Android apps that can forward notifications to the watch.

Some general notes after two days of usage:
• The watch is surprisingly small, I really thought it would be bigger. This is a big plus. It would, however, be nice if the screen itself was a bit bigger bigger and the bezel around it would be smaller.
• The buttons are a bit too hard to press. I guess I have already gotten too used to touch screens and the little-to-no effort it takes to use them.
• Contrary to whant you might believe, you do *not' want too many notifications on your wrist. At first I set up Pebble Notifier [1] and Augmented SmartWatch Pro [2] to forward all notifications to my Pebble, but I quickly noticed this was a huge mistake. I love to get as many notifications as possible on my phone, but only the most important on the Pebble. This brings us to the following point:
• There needs to be a way to disable forwarding notifications to the Pebble at night, or at least disabling Pebble's vibrations during at night, since it tends to keep me awake. Something like Quiet Hours on CyanogenMod would be great. I am currently circumventing this by disabling Bluetooth on my phone when I go to sleep, but I would like to automate this process without using even more 3rd party programs, like Tasker, since I am already using three apps to get the best Pebble experience I can possibly get.
• There is no beeper on the watch, so alarms set on the watch can only use the vibrator. It would be great if I could use the watch as a reliable alarm clock without having to sleep with it on my wrist.
• Some basic functionality is missing, most notably a timer.
• I would love the possibility of being able to customize the notifications sent to the watch, especially those of instant messaging apps. Mostly, I would like to get rid of the name of the application on the notifications. If I get a message from a friend asking me something, there is no need for me to see whether they used Google Talk or WhatsApp to send the message, I can see that on the phone when I am ready to answer to them. I would like to have the most possible screen area for the message itself.

I know this post might seem like a disappointed rant about the Pebble, but it certainly is not. I love the watch and love the possibilities it offers, but I also want the Pebble team to be aware of issues their users are facing and what features they are looking for.

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