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Ants Project Management Training & Development Prince2
Project Management is essential for successful Project completion.
Project Management is essential for successful Project completion.

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Need advice on how to sell in PRINCE2 training to your boss? Helpful tips from Knowledge Train

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PRINCE2© made easy
Personal Edition is the perfect companion for the Project Manager with PRINCE2, Agile or generic projects as a contractor or a lone PM.
The system provides you with the project methodology broken down into bite size pieces as recommended in the manual, just as in Community Edition but now you can do much more with your project documentation:
• Scale or tailor the method for each project by adding or removing documents at both project & stage
• Store searchable notes and to do lists against files
• Distribute files easily by email direct from the file explorer
• Use Planner and the extended template packs for more sophisticated risk, issue, quality and finances management
• Community Edition also has a multi – language capability so you can create a translation file and operate in your own language of choice 
• You can upgrade into Personal Edition easily 
Personal Edition also provides you with additional methodologies to use including generic pre-scaled methods which are perfect starting points for your smaller or less complex projects or PPP for proposal preparation or tender response.
With Personal Edition we also provide you with access to Method Manager, your own tool for editing or creating Method Templates.  With this you can personalise your standard methods so every time you create a new project it is how you want it including control of process diagrams, structure, templates and branding.

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What is a project and what is a programme? 

Definition ‘A project is a temporary organization that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to an agreed Business Case.’
Definition ‘A programme is a temporary flexible organization structure created to coordinate, direct and oversee the implementation of a set of related projects and activities in order to deliver outcomes and benefits relating to an organization’s strategic objectives.

Driven by deliverables
Has a defined start and end (finite)
Bounded and scoped deliverables
Delivers product or outcome
Benefits usually realized subsequent to project closure
Shorter timescale
Driven by a desired ‘end state’ vision for the business
No predefined path
Delivers changes to the business capability
Coordination of products/outcomes of a number of related projects
Benefits realized during the programme and afterwards
Longer timescale (may have a lifespan of several years)
Management focus

Detailed specification of how product/s will be created and delivered
Control of activities to produce products

High-level specification (of why/what)
Stakeholder management
Benefit realization
Manages dependencies between related projects
Manages change acceptance and transition management
Integration with corporate strategies


Using PRINCE2™ and MSP® Together byAndy Murray (TSO, 2010)
Managing Successful Programmes (TSO, 2007)
Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 (TSO, 2009)

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Fact…Project Management is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, with a million PRINCE2® qualified Project Managers internationally and the demand growing for them every day!

This number serves to illustrate the value of a PRINCE2® Project Management qualification.

In the 21st century, the demand for skilled Project Managers is at an all-time high as organisations and agencies continue to focus on higher productivity and greater customer satisfaction with minimum resources.

As an accredited PRINCE2®Practitioner these are advantages you will have:

Marketability and Value
Your skills will be in demand by companies and organisations worldwide in multiple industries which, realise the value, the skill and techniques you will have obtained by completing the PRINCE2® training curriculum.

As a project manager you will:
Earn an excellent salary and benefit compensation.
Be highly skilled in the tools, techniques and processes (industry standards) used to effectively manage projects and produce expected results.
Work in a profession that offers seemingly limitless opportunities for growth and advancement.
Have ample opportunities for ongoing professional development. 

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Chronicle Graphics OnePager Pro and OnePager Express products engage project teams and hold their attention with rich, concise project timeline views, right from Microsoft Project or Excel.

During a project review or a weekly status, project managers compete for audience attention. Now, project managers can save time and build project presentations for use in PowerPoint, web pages, or e-mail.
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