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We are happy to be a part of the Microsoft Build 2017 conference in Seattle, we are learning about new exiting technologies that can benefit our customer and of the new era of intelligent cloud, artificial intelligence and serverless computing.
We at Antrow are seeing a clear tendency that we’re moving from a world of single devices to a world of multiple devices and IoT devices and all our software solutions are built to support this new exciting digital world.
Antrow is offering a wide range of cloud services ranging from artificial intelligence, machine learning, hosting and storage, and are happy to provide our customer with the latest technologies to bring you the competitive edge.

Mirgrate an Access database to share on the Web with Antrow Software MS-Access web controls

Applies To: Access 2010, Access 2011, Access 2012, Access 2013, Access 2014, Access 2015, Access 2016

You can use new components of Antrow Software MS-Access web controls to build or convert database to web applications.

This helps you:
Secure and manage access to your data
Share data throughout an organization, or over the Internet
Note: A user account is required to use a web database. Anonymous access is not supported.

Antrow Software MS-Access web controls provide a platform for you to create or migrate databases that you can use on the Web.
You design and publish a web database by using the Antrow Web controls, and people who have database accounts use the web database in a web browser.

How it works
When you publish a web database, Antrow creates a internet site that contains the database. All of the database objects and data move to internet lists in that site.

After you publish, Internet/Intranet visitors can use your database, based on their permissions for the website.
Full Control: This lets you make data and design changes.
Contribute: This lets you make data changes, but not design changes.
Read: This lets you read data, but you can't change anything.

Forms and reports run in the browser
Forms, reports, and most macros run inside the browser. This lets your website refresh data on the screen without having to redo the whole page.
You can create a form to help people navigate your application. A new control, the Antrow Software MS-Access web Navigation control, makes it easy to add standard Web-style navigation buttons to a webform for this purpose.

Queries and data macros run on the server
All SQL database processing happens on the server. This helps improve network performance by limiting traffic to result sets.

Intranet or Internet
You can publish to your own intranet server, or to the Internet. Antrow, Microsoft, Google and Amazon is offering an Internet-facing, hosted solution.

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Cooperated size conversion of a MS-Access database to web a web app
We are happy to announce that we successful helped Boston Grid and Gas LLC to migrate their 4 GB MS-Access database to a web and mobile app  hosted in their Company Google Cloud Platform‎. Their customer can order gas and manage their electricity account from anywhere on any device.

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We are happy to announce that we now can show topo cards, elevation and altitude with our MS-Access Web control “topo” this is useful when we migrate your MS-Access database with geologic and GPS data. This module is included for free for our cloud customers.

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Return on investment (ROI) on a MS-Access migration to a Webapp
Many people have asked us what are the added values when we migration of the Microsoft MS-Access database:
We have collect some answers below.
Q: Does it save me money to migrate?
A: Yes first of all you don’t need an Office License for each user that uses the application, you can add so many users as you want without any extra cost. Also your IT Department don’t need to rollout the application to each PC
Q: Do we have problem when our IT department upgrade our office version or change to a cloud solution.
A: No, your migrated application work totally independent from your office PC, all your need is a web browser.
Q: What about the data, can they be used by everyone?
A: Yes your migrated MS-Access database is a true client server application where the data is stored centrally
Q: Can the application be used on an IPhone and IMac?
A: Yes all your device need is a browser
Q: How do we secure the user access to the application?
A: You will get our build in user authentication system for free, here you can manage user, access rights etc.
Q: Do we have to user Antrow as a cloud service?
A: No, we support any major cloud provider (Google/Amazon/Microsoft) or ISP provider.

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We are happy to announce that we now have 4 new Web controls for our MS-Access to Web app conversion engine.

1) You can now use Google accounts to Authenticate and secure access to your web application
2) Show maps depending on your data
3) Calculate the best driving Directions service (Autoroute) with waypoints with your database data solving the “Travelling Salesman” problems
4) Show outdoor maps with elevation information
5) Integreate Google Street view

For an online demo please go to -> Antrow .Net MS-Access web controls

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Here is a screenshot of our new Comfort Display windows player, if you have questions to the new functions please contact our support team

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We are happy to announce that we have released version 2.0 of our COMFORT DISPLAY Windows Player (CDWP). We have now included windows lockdown and autostart options. Slide diagnostic and a option to import and export player settings. This update is free of charge for our cloud customers. The new player can be downloaded here.
External link:

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We are happy to announce that all Antrow products now support any major cloud service such as Amazon webservices, Google cloud platform, Microsoft Azure and Antrow Cloud.

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We have now added a new slide type (Free for our cloud customers) where you can display to the current traffic conditions on your in-store display monitors for each location. For a live demo click this link.
Click here for a demo
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