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Pros and Cons of WordPress Hosting Types
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i am always on the lookout for superfast shared hosting providers for amarican visitors, i know host with hostgator wich is way too slow
+Roger van Uden Please check out LightningBase and Chris will even migrate your site for free! SSD storage and varnish cache!!
anyone has an url hosted there that i can test?
+Roger van Uden you can try veeble litespeed it's blazing fast, we are hosted at veebleyou can check our loading speed to confirm it.
+InMotion Hosting  has shared, VPS, Dedicated, and managed hosting. Pick whatever platform you want/need and grow from there.
Managed only means "less control" if the provider sells Happy Meal hosting plans.
It's well worth it to figure out how to manage your own hosting, unless you like paying out the nose for managed hosting which in my experiences is usually not very well managed.
Sorry all. For what you all call "economical" I have shared hosting at Hostgator. I have found the best customer support of any company I have ever dealt with, in any genre. They have been amazing. As far as security, you get yourself in trouble by not keeping up with updates and not installing security.
+Steve McQueen  I think it just depends on how intensive your site is and how overloaded the server they have you on is. I recommended them to a client last year and we ended up having to move the site it was so slow. 
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