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A military grade #facepalm 
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с вилами на танк даже безопаснее
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The only problem with making meringues is to not eat all of them

Actually, I have trouble not eating the mixture before it's cooked too.

And when "testing to see if they're cooked" as well.

#mustnoteatallthemeringues #again
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So easy!! Thanks!! =)
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Well... this is insanely fucked up.

Do prosecutors in the USA exercise any judgement?

Or are they just that anxious to climb a political ladder and need to 'prove' they are "tough on crime"
Ryan Holler, who had no prior record, is serving a life sentence with no chance of parole in Florida. He was convicted of pre-meditated murder, even though no one, including the prosecutor, disputes that Ryan was asleep in his bed at home at the time of the crime. This could only happen in America, because we are the only country that retains the Felony Murder Rule.
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Holy - 
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Via a post from +Yonatan Zunger and a reddit thread, the cutest, most ridiculous territorial sparring you'll see today

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Any diet that doesn't include pizza is obviously insane.

(A decent article that echoes many of my own thoughts about paleo-diets, no matter how much I generally approve of anyone telling me to eat lots of meat)
"It turns out that the so-called "paleo-diet" is about as grounded in real science as "The Flintstones".

h/t +Salon 
An evolutionary biologist explains why everything you think you know about cavemen (and their diet) is wrong
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Trust me.. I'm far from a person that does fads. 
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Have him in circles
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The sound of meringues cooling

It sounds like a philosophical question but is actually the answer to "What's that weird noise that sounds like rain on a plastic roof?"

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Meringues and... other stuff

+Google+ auto-awesomed movies seem to have picked a random selection of things from the last few days.

What's resulted is a very surreal little clip with a rock soundtrack of mostly meringues. 
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Well, that was unexpected 
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Lmao +Teh Dohvahkhiin 
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In a list of "things you didn't want to happen at the Safari Park" this should probably come quite high up the list 
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Portal stuff for +Florian Rohrweck
Just 12 hours remain to get today's Last Chance Tee: "I Don't Hate You" on Qwertee: £10/€12/$14 till the timer reaches zero then it's GONE! Be sure to "+1" this for 1 chance at a FREE TEE this weekend "Share" it for 2 chances and "Comment" on it for a 3rd chance. Thanks as always:)

(This promotion is in no way sponsored endorsed or administered by or associated with Google+.)
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Have him in circles
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Had a lovely afternoon with my daughter here. The range of ceramics is good and everything is clean and well organised. The staff were very friendly and didn't mind having their ear talked off by the youngling.
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Talented and imaginative filmmakers and documentary makers. They have some of the best A/V equipment in Israel and standards that match any production company. They can both livestream the event and use their formidable editing skills to produce final footage that is polished to an incredible degree. I have worked with them several times over a number of years and would not hesitate to recommend them to everyone who needs the best HD video and audio work in Israel
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Very nice design, friendly and helpful Baristas Coffee was excellent as was the croissant (baked on the premises) Had a lovely breakfast with my wife, might well become a habit
Public - 11 months ago
reviewed 11 months ago
I love eating at Kaifeng but ended up ordering on the phone and picking up takeaway on the way home. (menu is online and they picked up the phone promptly) They have a 10% discount for cash and then tried to give me a couple of quid off because it was easier for me (they also complimented me on the number of consecutive 8's in my phone number) Everything was ready for me and the order was exactly right. The noodles were good, my wife practically inhaled her egg-fried rice (this is a good thing) The portion sizes are good, the quarter duck I got was a very large chunk of meat and very nicely done and my wife loved her Sweet and Sour Chicken (Kaifeng style)
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Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Wednesday night is 5 x 10min sessions over 3 hours for £30 Fantastic fun, friendly marshalls and a few celebrity lap times to compare yourself with. Will definitely do this again
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: Very goodService: Very good
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Arrive early, no electronics are allowed (although there's a pharmacy around the corner that rents out lockers for phones and stuff) They're polite and reasonably efficient but it looks and operates exactly like a US social security/DMV - seriously, it looks like they used the same contractors that put together the offices in Memphis. Anyhoo, there's quite a wait, the ticketing system has several different numbering systems that are gone through at the same time and the screens that I assume were meant to help quantify the wait and order were down on the day I went. Also, if you play Ingress, you definitely want to check out that Pharmacy because there are loads of portals around and it was quite annoying to not have your phone to hack etc
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Had an initially bad service from a person in store and complained online. They followed up promptly by email and then the manager called me. They gave a very good apology and a gift card for the item I had problems over. Customer service done right. They deserve credit for correcting the problem properly.
Quality: Very goodAppeal: Very goodService: Excellent
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