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Photo du jour GoPro
Photo of the Day!

Powder for days. Photo by Emre Sen.

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Nik Photography Cover Photo Selection – January 28, 2015
© +Dean Mullin 

This week's cover photo belongs to +Dean Mullin. Dean is a photographer from New Zealand, currently living in Brunei.  In 2010, Dean won the NZ Geographic Landscape Photographer of the Year.  

This image was shot in Sri Lanka at an Elephant Sanctuary.  It was near a feeding station, and the young elephants were obviously hungry. The large females came and rounded them up – herding them to the middle of the feeding station and surrounding them while Dean captured the scene. 

Processed in Color Efex Pro 4, this image owes its drama to the Dark Contrasts filter.  A Levels & Curves filter was added to address the highlights.  To accentuate the highlights in the trunk, Dean used luminosity masks inside Photoshop to select the correct tones, then levels adjustment and paintbrush to paint back the highlights back into the image.  As a finishing touch, he used Dfine 2 to get rid of artifacts in the sky, and Sharpener Pro 3 to sharpen the image.

Be sure to circle +Dean Mullin  on Google+ to see more of his work.
There are so many creative and wonderful images enhanced with the Nik Collection that we wanted to make sure everyone gets a chance to see them! 

If you would like to be considered, please follow these guidelines:
- Post an image on your G+ page
- Dimensions 2120 x 1192 pixel image (horizontal)
- Mention the Nik product/s that you used 
- Add #nikcoverphoto   in your description
- Image should not be watermarked

If you are selected, we will contact you for the image so that we can post it as a Cover Photo on our Nik Photography G+ page and give you proper credit.

Thank you from the Nik Google+ Photos Team

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Tuto créer un effet double exposition (double exposure) - Tutoriel Photoshop CC gratuit

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Nikon D810, Joe McNally - The Power of Imagination "The Forest"

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Nikon D810, Joe NcNally - THe Power of Imagination "The Bedroom"

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Premier teaser pour Star Wars épisode VII

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Bluffant le vol en wingsuit de Darren Burke

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Portrait par Julie de Waroquier

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Interview de Philippe Lucchese à l'occasion de l'exposition "L'Etoile Bleue, la renaissance". Les coulisses du projet, vous saurez tout !

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D-Day : montage photo, quand le passé s'invite dans le présent
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