Call for suggestions: what if you're not 100% correct/effective in English, and building an international startup? (or: "my primary school teacher didn't tell me the whole story").

I happen to write an excellent Italian. It was good since the early years of my life, and later it became even better.
I remember my primary school teacher, who was supposed to teach us everything, that used to dilate a lot the time reserved to learn mastering Italian, often at the expense of the other "stuff" (including the gym weekly hour :\ because "it will be extremely useful in life".

I remember the first days with the letters on the wall with pictures, A = Abaco (i.e. the abacus)... GL = Giglio (i.e. the lily)... GN = Gnomo (i.e. the gnome)... Z = Zebra.

Then the syllables, then the grammar, then the syntactic analysis of sentences, the logic analysis, the special cases, whatever. I learned, and learned and learned. And I did exercises, and practice, and learned. It was a pleasure, sometimes it was hard - but I had no doubts: it would have been extremely useful in life.

My classmates in every class I've attended in life, can remember how I mastered Italian. One of my Italian teachers had to expand the votes' scale just because of me, since my written productions sometimes went over the maximum expected.

My Italian was 100% correct, my sentences were effective, I was able to compose writings with a rhythm that was a crescendo reaching at the same time heart and mind, culminating with a perfect transfer of my feelings and ideas for the subject, and sometimes opening wide a gate to higher levels of thinking into the reader.

My teachers were convinced I was destined to be a successful writer.
I had a strong weapon in my hands.

Fast forward to today:

I didn't took that path. My technical side pushed me towards a MSc Electronic Engineering, then (well, actually meanwhile) tinkering with code, then (well, actually meanwhile) helping clients in getting weird tech stuff done, and that sort of geeky things.

And then, trying to build a startup, or whatever I should call the thing I'm trying to do, that will need to appeal to an international audience, and with an excellent communication.

Now, I'm back at the beginning.

I can say I know English, but while I'm writing this very sentence I'm probably doing mistakes. Or errors... uhm, which is the right word in this context? Look, here I am, naked in front of you.

I have to write longer sentences and paragraphs in order to express the same concepts that in Italian, using the same amount of time and energy, I could squeeze to a few effective words.

And probably, my writing sounds like a teenager's stream of consciousness on the diary.

Sometimes I avoid straight sentences that I know for sure would be very effective in Italian, but can't bear with the uncertainty of how they would be received by an international audience - not to say to those that speak English as mother tongue. And I replace them with paragraphs, struggling to explain the same concepts, and without knowing if I'm succeding in the endeavour, or if I'm just pushing readers away.

I could continue, explaining gradients and details, also enriching the narrative with real life examples, but I hope I've successfully transferred what I mean: I believe that how we humans communicate with written words is unbelievably important, and it's a fact that I've not practiced English as much as I've practiced Italian.

So, I've written and bored you with this badly written, full of errors, convoluted English paragraphs, just to reach a call for suggestions from peers in a similar situation (I believe this can happen to some people in the World, e.g. in Europe - obviuosly excluding Great Britain and the countries where English language is taken in great account since childhood - and Asia).

How do you deal with this? If you're not a funded startup, but want to come out and start getting feedbacks for your thing, can you afford e.g. translation services like myGengo, or would you go with something like that? Or other professional translation services? If you want to create a landing page with a few texts, can you be sure that your bad or just not effective writing will not be a component in the metrics? What if you sound too much childish for your target market, couldn't it kill the stats?

I won't continue with the questions, they would be endless, for someone trying to build an international service.
But you know them.

Try sharing with me your suggestions about this topic, and let me know if you already use them for you, and if they're successful.
I will be grateful. Or whatever is the right sentence to convey a big amount of gratitude.
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