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Antonio Noack
How can we plant a rain forest in the desert?
How can we plant a rain forest in the desert?

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For any followers who are afraid that G+ will disappear (and might miss me ;)) :

schattenwesenillusionsbruda (means brother of shadow creature illusion, which is my sister, created the account because she wished it)
on request ;)
installed it one or two times, know nobody there, therefore - (uninstalled it again)
Patreon: ;)
Youtube: (yes, I've a personal url :D)
Antonio Noack #3523 ;)

My personal websites:
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Saving my G+ history ;), still it's a lot to do, like you can see with my so different content there…
I am still a little proud :).
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I updated my site :), it has now descriptions for most things (which were written in the database only before xD), both mobile and desktop visible :).

I has to redesign the structure quite a lot to get this working... HTML+CSS is stupid sometimes, too xD.
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Usual bugs, as always ;D
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Doing the usual homework ;).

Brillouin Zones
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New project idea I quite like, quite social :)


( additional:
+ Estagency needs a 1.2 update (I've two to three things I'd like to add XD)
+ I added curves to my Blender-to-Own-Converter :), from Blender curves to SVG
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Estagency got some updates in the last days :D

+ most noticeable is that there are notifications in the app now, so you get to know when sb left their workplace because of either bad payment or age.
+ also you can now see your money growing in real time :D.
+ I doubled the amount of buildings I myself added to the game :).
+ some small fixes and improvements.

Join now! :D

(and yeah, I am pretty rich XD, gained mostly purely with the game mechanics | plus the paradies text is only a test: the prices are higher, the things more valuable, because of the amounts of money you can make from them! :D, up to 427k/y in my case)
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As expected my Estagency app has slight issues now XD, it crashes nearly on start, because I installed and forced SSL on my webserver.
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Time to make my websites secure :D, removing all http, replacing it with https.

And suggestions in my Estagency app probably no longer work.
Luckily, the only one having problems with that is myself…
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WhatsApp is going to show advertisings, so I am going to open my own and therefore my website finally gets SSL :)

I wonder what problems I'll experience with Estagency-Requests, because they are POST requests and I had problems using the default API, wrote it via my own server connection… It's not that dramatic, because nobody uses it anyways XD.
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