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Antonio Noack
How can we plant a rain forest in the desert?
How can we plant a rain forest in the desert?

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For any followers who are afraid that G+ will disappear (and might miss me ;)) :

schattenwesenillusionsbruda (means brother of shadow creature illusion, which is my sister, created the account because she wished it)
on request ;)
installed it one or two times, know nobody there, therefore - (uninstalled it again)
Patreon: ;)
Youtube: (yes, I've a personal url :D)
Antonio Noack #3523 ;)

My personal websites:
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New project idea I quite like, quite social :)


( additional:
+ Estagency needs a 1.2 update (I've two to three things I'd like to add XD)
+ I added curves to my Blender-to-Own-Converter :), from Blender curves to SVG
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Estagency got some updates in the last days :D

+ most noticeable is that there are notifications in the app now, so you get to know when sb left their workplace because of either bad payment or age.
+ also you can now see your money growing in real time :D.
+ I doubled the amount of buildings I myself added to the game :).
+ some small fixes and improvements.

Join now! :D

(and yeah, I am pretty rich XD, gained mostly purely with the game mechanics | plus the paradies text is only a test: the prices are higher, the things more valuable, because of the amounts of money you can make from them! :D, up to 427k/y in my case)
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As expected my Estagency app has slight issues now XD, it crashes nearly on start, because I installed and forced SSL on my webserver.
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Time to make my websites secure :D, removing all http, replacing it with https.

And suggestions in my Estagency app probably no longer work.
Luckily, the only one having problems with that is myself…
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WhatsApp is going to show advertisings, so I am going to open my own and therefore my website finally gets SSL :)

I wonder what problems I'll experience with Estagency-Requests, because they are POST requests and I had problems using the default API, wrote it via my own server connection… It's not that dramatic, because nobody uses it anyways XD.
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I solved my "Mascot of Blackbeard" challenge / level :D, with accuracy of 99% (I'll consider that perfect and done :D).
The level is about remembering a value for the next round, with the use of only neurons.

This truly shows that the neurons are Turing complete.

The app for download and trying yourself:
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Evolution of Simplicity for the xor problem :D (of my AIPuzzle app, level "Decision 3.0!")

The first try is three or one, not two,
The second is two xor gates for two inputs combined,
The third try is one, blocking two, unblocking three,
The 4th one uses a smaller weight for the blocking two, so an unblocking three is included
The 5th and final and probably simplest one possible is the same strategy, just reusing the output node, because the result is either 0 or 1 anyways (by the calculation, weight 1 for all white, weight -2 for the red one)
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Got 100% in Decide 3.0! :D (xor-ing three values with ai | maybe I should somehow show the configurations of the nodes directly, too...)

The logic is simple: if all three are lighted, or one and not two.
And yes, I haven' t played that level before, because this game is not about finding the right solution, it's about finding one, a real problem solving game, and creating the tasks is way easier than to solve them.
(if 1$ is tooo much, wait one day ;p)
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Do you always wanted to understand how neural networks work? How modern AI can understand, compare, and remember things?

Then try the app, where all this is shown :D
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