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Antonio - MUCHAS MUCHAS !!! GRACIAS for your TWRP build for the BLU RD1, which, with just a little tweaking, was off and running on a non-BLU but MTK6735M Marshmallow device, allowing for rooting and other related forms of Android device ownership happiness.
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Antonio Lopes (lopestom)

Miscellaneous  - 
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+Jason Mercede
For you and u family too bro!
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welcome all current and prospective Layers themers! Recently our team's efforts have been announced on XDA Portal regarding the official deprecation of L…
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Antonio Lopes (lopestom)

Miscellaneous  - 
On this Post you can write on the comment the name phone-model BLU and your(s) clone(s) to others members know about.
These going help others to know about Custom Recoveries and Custom ROMs.

Blu vivo 5R: Gionee S6s, Condor A8, Qmobile Z12 pro

Studio Touch = Walton Primo H6

Vivo Air LTE = Wiko Pure Highway

Studio Selfie = Infinix hot 2 , Walton primo gf4 , Infinix hot 3

Pure XL = Gionee Elife E8 = Allview X2 Soul Xtreme = Condor Allure A100

Vivo XL = Gionee S Plus = Plume P8

Vivo Air = Gionee S5.1 = Fly IQ4516 Tornado Slim or KAZAM Tornado 348 = Allview X2 = General Mobile Discovery Air

Life One X = Wiko Fever = micromax canvas 5

Studio M HD = Walton Primo GH5 = Gionee P5W

Life Play 2 = Wiko Rainbow = Gionee V5 = Walton H3 = Condor C5

Life One M = Micromax canvas Magnus a117

VIVO IV = Gionee S5.5

* This post will be updated constantly when any member comment.

Thanks for contributing​ members:
+Angel Ramón Valdivia Hernández
+William Smith
+Prajwal Dhungana
+Bartosz Bem
+Lucas Eagle
+Caio Cervelin Silva
+Cristhian Flores
+Siddhesh Koli

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Do you want that new phone with a good bank per buck, but are afraid it won't get an update in time? Security patches and feature updates are there to help.
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Antonio Lopes (lopestom)

Custom Recoveries  - 
CWM Philz v659 for BLU Studio M HD - S110 (Only the buttons work)

Thanks for +Edney Helenedossantos​  for testing the files.

I not Know if bootloader is locked or unlocked
Instructions by Mateus for unlock bootloader if you want know:
BLU ENERGY X LTE - unlock bootloader - install TWRP - en_US.pdf

BLU ENERGY X LTE - unlock bootloader - install TWRP - pt_BR.pdf

Instructions for Flash:

Download file:
recoveryPhilz659 BLU Studio M HD S110 - by size: 8.8MB

On second comment has CTRv3.3 - instructions - link

Already have STOCK ROM for Studio M HD on the repository by +William Smith .

So is your responsibility any action!!

_P.S.: TWRP was tested and touch no worked._
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+victor grey
No pay. Just register and the links will open for download.
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+William Smith
For you and your family too....☃🎄

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