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My conference at Droidon Spain is already set.
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Sitio oficial del evento Droidcon Spain, edición española de la conferencia internacional sobre Android. Próxima edición 23 de abril en Madrid.
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Awesome job by +David González !!
Because we've all dreamt about writing a Hacker News client, I spend the last couple months writing this. The source code is open source and available to everybody, I'll write a follow up post with all the technicalities.

#gde   #blogpost   #opensourcecode  
What’s Yahnac you might ask? Yet another Hacker News client, because there are never enough Hacker News clients out there! For those who don& …
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That´s what you´ll get when running the app in my latest repository. Because #kotlin  is also material and animations!
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Kotlin is awesome. Can't wait for the 1.0 release.
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Together with my last article related to how to configure an Android project to with #kotlin, I also created a new repository on Github with a sample app.

It´s still in development, so far from perfect, but there´s already a master-detail example connected to a real API and doing what many simple apps do. So it´s ready yet to be tested and to receive some feedback.
Bandhook-Kotlin - A showcase music app for Android entirely written using Kotlin language
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If you read the first article about Kotlin for Android, you´ll be glad to know that the second part is available. This time I´m talking about how to configure your project to get ready to work with Kotlin.

I also uploaded a first raw version of a complete app developed with Kotlin. At the moment is very simple, but will keep working on it:
How to create a new Android project using Kotlin. This article will guide through the configuration needed to start writing your first app using Kotlin.
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Didn't try and know very little about it, so I can't say much sorry. 
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Antonio Leiva Gordillo

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Someone asked me today how to add ink ripple¹ touch feedback to an image without having to add additional views to your hierarchy which would hurt performance or memory use.  Here's a couple of approaches: 

1. Wrap the drawable in a RippleDrawable² before setting it on the ImageView:

Drawable image = …
RippleDrawable rippledImage = new RippleDrawable(ColorStateList.valueOf(rippleColor), image, null);

2. Extend ImageView and add a foreground attribute to it (like FrameLayout has³).  See this example⁴ from +Chris Banes of adding it to a LinearLayout.  If you do this then make sure you pass through the touch co-ordinates so that the ripple starts from the correct point:

    public void drawableHotspotChanged(float x, float y) {
        super.drawableHotspotChanged(x, y);
        if (foreground != null) {
            foreground.setHotspot(x, y);

I prefer the second approach as you can declaratively set a ripple drawable as the foreground asset in your layout and not have to worry about adding it once the image loads, somewhat simplifying your code and playing nicely with image loading libs like Picasso.  The first approach can work well in combination with Palette to set a ripple color derived from the image.


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It´s been a hard (and exciting!) challenge changing the whole Plex home to adapt to Material guidelines and keep consistency with the rest of platforms. But single server selection is finally here, along with parental controls and fast user switch.

As you can imagine, we have still a lot of work to do with internal screens, but we also have a whole bunch of new features and improvements we are working on. So you can expect many more great news soon!
It’s a good day! Plex for Android takes a big step forward & our Android TV app graduates from Plex Pass preview.
It’s been a few months since we last visited with Android, and we’d like to let you know about a major new release we just made. That’s right, our app has turned the big 4.0 (or 4.0.1, counting a few bug-fixes)! Long out of nappies, it won’t be long before it’s doing bong hits out…
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Antonio Leiva Gordillo

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Plex updated to 4.0!

The latest +Plex​ update brings about a completely revamped mobile UI, support for managed user accounts, and Android TV support has graduated from beta.

I love Plex and use it daily with my trusty QNAP NAS. What are you thinking of the update?
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+Antonio Leiva Gordillo Tienes razón cambiándola en los foros es la manera. Gracias.
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Was that a pig that just flew by? Plex for Android now supports Airplay, allowing you to cast from your Android device to your Apple TV! Now available on Google Play and soon on Amazon. Find out more here: 
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Deciding which Image Loader Library to use on your android app project? Check this out. My article about Picasso-competitor Glide, an Image Loader Library recommended by Google. =)
In the passed Google Developer Summit Thailand, Google introduced us an Image Loader Library for Android developed by bumptech named Glide as a library that recommended by Google. It has been use
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I thought +Shifty Jelly's pause-to-play button animation in the latest Pocket Casts update was pretty slick, so I tried implementing it myself.

People seemed to like the check mark animation I posted a few days ago, so I added extra comments describing the animation in the source code. :)

Source code:
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- Droidcon Spain 2013

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Voy a cenar allí Muchas veces es. Mucha variedad a muy buen precio. Muy recomendado.
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