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Antonin D
Entrepreneur student, passionated about Social Media / Online Marketing / Mobile Apps
Entrepreneur student, passionated about Social Media / Online Marketing / Mobile Apps

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Tired of pessimists?

E.Siola share all projects and ideas that can have a big positive impact on the world ! We a special focus for the one most in needs !

Check it out !

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If the Big Brother theories were kind of right to predict how we will be watched and controlled with the emergence of technologies, they did not anticipated one thing:
That the control will come as well from private companies / corporations and not only from the state/government.

In a time where new technologies have played a huge role in allowing people to get rid off some oppressive regimes, it leads democratic regimes to control even more the population.

Hopefully, the democratization of all those technologies, knowledge and education will lead to more transparency.

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The Future of Mobile Phone !

A cloud app that lets you take full control of your phone through your web browser and give you statistics ! Amazing !
The phone is becoming as any other device !

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Free Online Courses from the most prestigious US universities ! Very cool !

Would you use this kind of resources?

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That's a great opportunity for us Photographer still student !
I will definitely participate !
We’re teaming up with Saatchi Gallery, London for the Google Photography Prize, a chance for university students around the world to showcase their photos on Google+ and have their work exhibited at Saatchi Gallery, London in 2012.

To enter, pick a category, upload your photos to Google+, share them with the world as a public post, then visit the submission form on the contest website by January 31, 2012.

Don't forget to follow Saatchi Gallery, London's +Google Photography Prize at Saatchi Gallery London page to see ongoing updates on the great work being submitted to the contest!

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Very nice photos taken in Vietnam, Lap an Lagoon, Lang Co, Hue. I've been there, it is one of the most gorgeous place!

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That's a sad news.. RIP
WTF world? "Western black rhino declared extinct"

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VEry interesting TIPS to make your company more creative !

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What exterior lights do you prefer ?

I personally love sunrise and sunset during the winter, it is such a hot light..!

What do you think? Let me know in comments, and check out my last sunset pictures..
Welcome to the #2 OnePerDay Policy !

I wanted to start with this serie in the shore, in South Boston ! Amazing light and landscapes, that's all I ask ! :)
Boston Shore (2 photos)
2 Photos - View album

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I created my Page..

It will be easier to follow my work now ! Make sure to add it to your circle to be updated and share with your friends who love photography ! :)
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