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"Yes, it’s an LTS release (we’re also considering basing the 3 releases after than on the very same LTS base)."

So Linux Mint 18,19,20 will be based on Ubuntu 14.04?
Linux Mint 17 will be named “Qiana” and should be available at the end of May 2014. Qiana is pronounced kee-AHN-ah. It was the name of a fashion silk-like material, introduced in the 1970s and popular in the disco-era, when it was made into loud, shiny shirts with pointy collars.
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Mint 13 has always been my main OS.  I'm psyched that Qiana is LTS, but I just wish that along the way, Mint's problem with Wine's menu can be resolved.  I'm tried of getting a "File missing" message.  Ubuntu doesn't have this problem.
Stable release  LTS  for the next years is a very good idea !

Am testing here  QianaRC  . First boot after the install  was tedious 
with crash of x server  
But now it runs fine !!!
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