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Well put #ThomasFriedman
Food for thought from #ThomasFriedman  about the potential of an oil shock in Europe as as aftermath of the Ukraine-Russia showdown, and how it might wake us up to the urgency of shifting to clean energy.

Also a plug for the +Showtime documentary on climate change  - he asks Harrison Ford (who stars in 'The Years of Living Dangerously') whether it is too late to fight the climate crisis.  “It isn’t too late; it can’t be too late,” he said. “Is it too late to teach our kids the difference between right and wrong?"
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Anton Prodanovic

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Go for shale in Europe!
WHEN Vladimir Putin was bribing Viktor Yanukovych, then the president of Ukraine, to turn down a trade deal with the European Union last year, one of the sweeteners...
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and why not to Argentina?
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Amazing World Population Growth GIF - Sub-Saharan Africa stands to double from 1.1 to 2.4 billion people by 2050!?
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Help. Money. ATM.number 3446444558--metrobank 9000--ok Tokyo friend 
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Anton Prodanovic

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How to handle the Creative by +Tara Hunt. Novelty can trigger feelings of uncertainty that make most people uncomfortable...
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Ukraine. The mainstream US media only talk about the political side of things. The people wanting freedom and democracy and so forth. That is just typical US media.

The real answer, as always, is about control of natural resources. In this case, the control of gas pipelines from Russia to the rest of Europe. Europe relies of Russian natural gas. Without it, Europe would freeze to death. Russia also relies on the money from natural gas sales to Europe. What makes this all possible?

Natural gas pipelines that goes through Ukraine. END OF STORY.
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Anton Prodanovic

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Government envoys and scientists are gathering in Berlin today to hammer out a list of options for curbing carbon emissions driving dangerous climate change.

These charts show best- and worst-case scenarios for rises in greenhouse gas emissions, sea levels and Earth's temperature.

Full story:
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The White House released the first installment of data to see the challenges climate change poses and to help identify solutions.
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Imelda c.jumuad 09301374547--788--4672---
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Stanford's 50-state roadmap for replacing coal, oil and natural gas with wind, water and solar energy.
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It's Polar Bear Day!
Today is International Polar Bear Day! Learn more & take action: #PolarBearDay
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