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- Amish beard-cutting defendant has taxpayer-subsidized lawyer despite millions in the bank, prosecutors say
- The cult of Santa Muerte making inroads in the US
- Bible School, Church Buildings Attacked in Sudan
- Trial starts Tuesday in faith-healing murder case
- Trinity Broadcasting Network denied tax break on luxury ‘parsonages’
- Arizona House rejects bill to disband Colorado City police
- Warren Jeffs appeals conviction, threatens God’s wrath if he’s not freed
- Swiss woman on spiritual diet starved while ‘eating’ only light
- Amish beard cutting cult leader makes another bid for release from prison
- Former Scientology leader Debbie Cook settles lawsuit with church
- Aerial photographs reveal additional buildings at FLDS Amphitheater
- Senior Scientologist cleared of sex abuse cover-up charges
- Exiled FLDS father granted more time with estranged children

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