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French guy writing stuff.
French guy writing stuff.

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A new beta version of our Android app was made available last Thursday: v5.4.3.32


▷ [ADS] Implemented the 'Why ads?' screens (ADS-719, ADS-717): This feature is intended for better communication on Audio ads and Sponsored Tracks thanks to explanation screens. Please also note that the regular Audio ads screen was redesigned in the process.


▷ [ADS] Implemented the IAB Standard native ad image size (ADS-736)
▷ [FILTER] Updated the mini player and keyboard displays in filter mode (PROF-2475)
▷ [FILTER] Added a 'No results' placeholder when the filter query in My Music subpages gives no results (PROF-2693)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Updated the design of 'My Music' page: font change, arrow redesign, icon removal and thumbnail removal on tablets (PROF-2654)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Redesigned the Flow button on other users' profile (PROF-2486)


▷ [CHANNEL] Fixed the 'Soul & Funk' title in the channel's masthead (PROF-887)
▷ [CHANNEL] Fixed dynamic page carousels' top margins when there is no title or subtitle for the first module (PROF-2748)
▷ [CONTEXT MENU] Added missing 'Remove from favorites' action in the contextual menu for tracks (PROF-2543)
▷ [DOWNLOAD] Fixed album synchronization (COREDROID-506)
▷ [DOWNLOAD] Made sure the new tracks added to a downloaded playlist are automatically downloaded (COREDROID-548)
▷ [FILTER] Made sure filter queries are not cleared when changing the device's orientation (PROF-654)
▷ [FLOW] Fixed the Flow cover on first opening (PROF-2603)
▷ [HOMEPAGE] Removed focus from 'Home' tab on first launch (PROF-1432)
▷ [LABS] Fixed preview behavior when dismissing the 'Track Preview' snackbar (UE-2896)
▷ [MSISDN] Fixed a crash on login screen in case of unrecognized MSISDN (PLATFORM-4881)
▷ [PLAYER] Fixed error when playing a downloaded track (PLAYBACK-1656)
▷ [PLAYER] Allowed seek at a given position of the selected track while loading, even with 'Stop' as initial state
▷ [SIGNUP] Fixed a bug at signup after reaching the maximum text length in the age field (UE-2069)
▷ Made sure there is no more error message if we switch off network (PLAYBACK-1661)

... and about 90 other core dev/hidden features tickets

Have a nice week :)
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A new beta version of our Android app was made available on Monday: v5.4.2.51

New Features:

▷ [DEVICE] Implemented the Android Wear extension (PLATFORM-4514, PLATFORM-4515, PLATFORM-4517, PLATFORM-4518, PLATFORM-4519, PLATFORM-4522)
The extension allows users to control the playback, access and launch Flow, My Music contents and Top Tracks directly from their watch.

▷ [SAMSUNG] Enabled Deezer driving mode on Android app for Samsung (PLATFORM-4541)

▷ [LABS] Track preview: if the feature is activated in the Labs, users will be able to listen to a 30 second audio preview of a song when they long press on it.
The feature is available to employees and beta users only for now.


▷ [ARTIST] [MY MUSIC] Implemented the new filter/sort bar in artists' discography subpage, as well as in Artists/Mixes/Podcasts subpages of My Music (PROF-2438)
▷ [ARTIST] [ALBUM] Displayed more items (12) in the similar artist carousel in the artist page and the discography carousel in the album page (PROF-2466)
▷ [CHANNEL] Changed the channel logo size and centered it in the masthead (PROF-1999)
▷ [CHROMECAST] Fixed 'Lyrics' button when casting (PLAYBACK-1406)
▷ [CHROMECAST] Fixed invisible Play/Pause button in Cast controller dialog
▷ [MY MUSIC] Empty states: users without Following/Followers are now encouraged to connect their account with FB instead of seeing empty sections (PROF-1133)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Reversed the Download switch and updated its font (PROF-2614)
▷ [MY MUSIC] In subpages with Recently Added/Updated/Downloaded, made sure the scrollbar is triggered only when this new section becomes invisible (PROF-2430)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Hide 'Recently Played' section on other users' profile page (PROF-2487)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Made sure the 'Recently Played' section is refreshed only when the user refreshes the page or goes back to 'My Music' main page (PROF-2516)
▷ [PLAYLIST] Handled the display of private playlists properly (removed the cover and displayed a placeholder) (PROF-893)


▷ [ADS] Fixed indefinitely loading interstitial ad (ADS-730)
▷ [ARTIST] Made sure 2 grids of 4 items are displayed in discography and playlist sections (PROF-2442)
▷ [CHANNEL] Fixed promotional link image display (PROF-2482)
▷ [DOWNLOAD] Fixed album synchronization (COREDROID-506)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Made sure the 'View all' buttons display the right count on tablet (PROF-1409)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Fixed padding in new user masthead on tablet (PROF-1964)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Fixed error drawable for mosaic views (PROF-2021)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Allowed search by artist in the 'Downloads' subpage (PROF-2635)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Fixed a crash on 'My Music' with a restricted shuffle account (PROF-2653)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Fixed a crash and duplicates in the 'Downloads' page (PROF-2707)
▷ [NATIVE NOTIFICATIONS] Fixed duplicate paywall webviews (UE-2783)
▷ [PLAYER] Made sure an error is thrown only when unable to play, not when unable to download (PLAYBACK-1585)
▷ [PLAYER] Made sure the timer is reset when restarting a paused song (PLAYBACK-1553)
▷ [PLAYER] Fixed the 'Loved Tracks' button color in the player (COREDROID-511)
▷ [PLAYLIST] Fixed playlist title display on Android 4 (PROF-2679)
▷ [PLAYLIST] Fixed a crash on image retrieval when creating/editing a playlist (PROF-2664)

... and much other hidden/future stuff!
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The last minor beta version ( ) includes the two following fixes:

Fix the banner ad position on the playlist page (ADS-715)
Fix a rare crash when clicking on a context menu in the playlist page (COREDROID-473)

Have a nice day :)

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Hi beloved Beta community,

Following some (legitimate) comments about the lack of feedback in the community, we decided to spend more time and resources to be more transparent. This starts by publishing the beta changelogs, so here is the last beta's one: v5.4.1.87

Here are the new features:

▷ [ALBUM] Added context menu on album pages (PROF-1905)
▷ [ARTIST] Added context menu on playlist pages (PROF-2110)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Added Recently Added section in user 'Albums' subpage, Recently Updated section in user 'Playlists' subpage and Recently Downloaded section in user 'Downloaded' subpage (PROF-1514, PROF-1521, PROF-1646, PROF-2419)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Implemented a new design and wording for the sort and filter bar (PROF-1648, PROF-2445)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Added the sort and filter bar in user Mixes, Podcasts and Downloaded subpages (PROF-2437, PROF-2465)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Automatically refresh the Recently Played data with the currently playing container (PROF-2312, PROF-2317, PROF-2423)


▷ [ADS] Make sure the 'Sponsored' label is displayed in the queue list (ADS-684)
▷ [ARTIST] Prevent featuring album covers from appearing in the artist masthead (PROF-2230)
▷ [FLOW] Hide the previous track cover in the player (PLAYBACK-1528)
▷ [FLOW] Fix 'Like' button's behavior and error message (PLAYBACK-1565)
▷ [MIX] Fix the mix button behavior in Channels, which, if clicked twice, was skipping the current track instead of pausing it(PROF-2451)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Fix position of the sort option in My Music subpages (PROF-1980)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Fix wrong sorting by type for automatic playlists (loved tracks, just heard, my mp3 & top tracks) (PROF-2228)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Make sure the Recently Played section is loaded at the same time as other My Music items (PROF-2416)
▷ [MY MUSIC] Do not display error placeholder when user has no Recently Played (PROF-2495)
▷ [PLAYLIST] Reactivate the 'create a playlist' form after canceling action (PROF-1922)
▷ [PLAYLIST] Fix accents in playlist titles (PROF-719)
▷ [PLAYLIST] Made sure the track count is correctly updated when adding songs to a playlist (PROF-460)
▷ [PLAYLIST] Fix EXIF image data for rotation (create playlist page) (PROF-2225)
▷ [PODCAST] Make sure the total and unread numbers of podcasts are right (PROF-461)
▷ [PODCAST] Darken the Latest Episodes Playlist's masthead image (PROF-2245)
▷ [PODCAST] Fix cut off message displayed when offline (PROF-2227)
▷ [RADIO] Fix "ON AIR" translation key for live radio cards (PROF-1793, PROF-2439)

... and much other tech stuff (refactoring, etc.)

Please note that you can find ticket IDs in brackets (ex: PROF-XXX, ADS-XXX, etc.). Don't hesitate to mention them in your comments if you find any issue / regression.
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Just created a Facebook page for my photography work.

Check it out here

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Lights in Paris.

Amazing sunset in Paris. Shot taken from montparnasse tower. 3 shots are blended into one in this picture. The first one for the sky. The second one is for the roofs. Then I waited for the lights to come and took the third shot. It was really hard to get this shot sharp, because the place was a bit crowded, and people were walking near the tripod, causing it to shake!

Sony a6000, 16-70 f4

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Nice sunset 15min from home

Taken w/ Sony a6000 - 10-18mm

Flickr version:

#landscape #photography #sunset #water

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Quick android studio tip: Enable "CamelHumps" words in "Editor->General->Smart Keys" to navigate in method and field names with the "alt" or "ctrl" key.

#androidstudioprotip #tipoftheday #android #article #gde
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Deezer going material!
Deezer Mobile has just released updates to the audio streaming Android app. The new Dezeer app now features a more fluid yet simpler navigation to allow users the best possible music streaming experience. With four main access points being the main…

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The problem with Google+ is that if I use a link then I bury the lede with whatever I type here.
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