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Go-Json-Rest v3.0.0 is out! Let's start this third year of development with a new API and cool new features!

Getting closer to the Go-Json-Rest v3.0.0 !
I feel like we almost have the new API frozen. I'll give a shot at the documentation next week end.

Specs and discussion ( …)

Pull Request ( …)

Ideas for Go-Json-Rest v3.0.0 (RFC)
Thanks for your ideas!

v2.1.0 of Go-Json-Rest is out! with Apache style logging, JSONP, and more! 

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Released a new version of Go-Json-Rest (v2.0.5), with a new OuterMiddlewares option and a statsd example 

Go-Json-Rest 2.0.3 is out, improved locking, improved and new examples, better documentation.

Go-Json-Rest 2.0.2 is out, improved JSON logging, and bug fixes.

Just released Go-Json-Rest 2.0.1, mostly CORS related bug fixes

Quick question: What is the best way to release backward incompatible changes in Go ? Is there a versioning convention emerging in addition to the repo URL ? Semver ? (I may want to change a few things in the interface)
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