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lamp parts, lighting, oil lamps, chandelier parts, lamp shades, sockets
lamp parts, lighting, oil lamps, chandelier parts, lamp shades, sockets


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Mid-Century Table Lamp Rewired and Washed
We came across this lamp the other day in one of our old warehouses. It is a nice old Mid-Century era table lamp with two (left) metal cone shades and swivels. The original lamp had three shades but that is not going to stop us from re-purposing this lamp. ...

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Hanging Lamp from Antique Carriage Singletree
Customers often bring in sentimental (and non-sentimental) items to make into lamps. The other day a customer brought in this antique carriage part that we later identified as a singletree. It was in good shape. They said they wanted to turn it into a 3 lig...

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Small Glass Table Lamp with Loose Brass Cap
A customer brought in this small table lamp the other day and wanted the brass cap reattached and the lamp back to working condition. Initial inspection reveals an old non-polarized lamp cord. All other lamp parts (harp, harp base, socket cap, socket shell,...

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Older Lamp With 3 Terminal Socket and Safety Concerns
A customer brought in this older Gone With The Wind lamp  with a bottom light the other day and asked for a repair. Our initial inspection revealed some serious safety concerns with the lamp cord . The plug was not polarized and had some exposed wire near t...

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Reusing Antique Socket Interior
Any type of restoration should focus on improving the safety as well as the functionality of the object. For lighting, there have been major improvements in the last few decades in polarity and quality of materials. The plastic on mid-century lamp cords can...

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Socket Sizes and Bulb Shapes
Working on repairs, restorations and lighting creations, it is important to use products designed to fit the right application. A socket is not just a socket. It could be an E39 Keyless Porcelain Socket . And a bulb is not just a bulb. For the E39 socket yo...

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How To Install Lamp Plug On PVC Cord
Covered lamp cord comes in a variety of colors and styles. Some styles include parallel, twisted, and PVC and can be covered in rayon or cotton and died in a variety of colors. Cotton Covered Parallel Lamp Cord Unlike cord sets with a molded plug, these lam...

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Making a Lamp from a Globe
A customer brought in a globe the other day and wanted to make it into a lamp. With the right lamp parts, anything is possible. Our parts list includes: 4 feet of black PVC cord : 46617C - Black PVC 2 wire Medium Duty Cord Black Phenolic on/off Lamp Socket ...

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How to Wire/Rewire Chandelier Arms
Wiring or rewiring a chandelier is like rewiring a bunch of small table lamps with keyless sockets and tying them all together. The wires typically join together in a cluster . First, turn off the power at the breaker. Next, decide if you want to rewire the...

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Heavy Socket With Collar Repair
In this blog we have covered many socket repairs. The latest "technology" in lamp sockets is the screw collar style socket that connects the socket cap to the socket shell. It is a good looking socket and can cost some real money to replace. We are all abou...
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