Collecting Limoges Porcelain ... A Connoisseur's Choice
It was during the 1870s that Limoges perfected its porcelain process, and the items produced then are considered some of the finest antique porcelain pieces ever made.

Limoges, is a French city southwest of Paris, which predates Roman times. Its physical placement, directly on the river Vienne, makes Limoges an easy, accessible stop; a necessary stop in those early years when journeys were more arduous than enjoyable.

Kaolin, an essential clay in the making of porcelain, was found just 18 miles South west of Limoges at St. Yreix. And, shortly after the first Limoges factory was established, Louis XVI bought it.

Today, antique Limoges porcelain trinket boxes, produced under the highest quality standards, are among the most highly prized porcelain collectibles.

However, there are several factors that contribute to the value of a piece of Limoges porcelain ...
- The factory where it was produced
- The Limoges porcelain mark
- How old it is; its condition; how complete a set is
- The quality of the decoration and the artist's signature

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so good to knw this stuff. .:) thx for the post
most of limoges porcelain was painted gold :) i have few items of limoges.
im looking for what this mark means on a vase with two angles holding hands and a stamp at the bottom N and a royal crown anyone knows
Antique silver creamers with the number 13 with a crown above it stamped on the bottom 
Need price on porcelain tilso n 7065 Cinderella carriage excellent condition
Im holding a piece that says Limoges on top of a crown and Coronet underneath. Then on the same piece overlaying just slightly is a stamp that is backward but says
FRANCE * LIMOGES. The star on the stamp is a little bigger though. Any help out there?
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