Highly sought after Mabel Lucie Attwell collectibles bear the Shelley mark as do the wonderful Art Deco styled Harmony tea wares designed by Eric Slater and produced in the early 1930′s.
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So interesting. Like all great items it's a repetitive art for me to check ''Marks'' over & over. Thank you.
I disagree with the comments regarding post-war patterns, as Shelley continued to produce fine china in modern styles right up to the end. There are some lovely 1950s and 1960s Shelley to found - and great quality too!
The problem though, as I understand it +Helen Douglas was that it either didn't sell in any great numbers or wasn't produced long enough for it to establish any popularity. New trendy young householders of the 1960's much preferred the modern quirky & innovative designs of Poole and Midwinter. Designs like the Shelley Cappers Rose floral pattern just missed the mark.
I recommend 'Shelley Pottery The Later Years' by Chris Davenport for the wonderful range and to see post-war history.  There were some lovely innovative '60s patterns like Napoli, Fjord and Cleopatra on Avon, Osterly on Carlisle, Fantasy, and the more traditional chintzes on Ripon, and florals had continued to sell well also in their time  ...
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