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A Guide to Antique Pottery Antique Porcelain and Antique Marks
Buying selling or collecting antiques? Then you need a good online reference that can help you identify your great finds and make sure you never knowingly dispose of an antique item that you should have kept or priced differently.

We all have precious treasures we want to know more about, and has you covered. From Royal Worcester porcelain and Royal Doulton stoneware to Whitefriars glass and what's involved in collecting antique coins.

Antique-Marks includes sections on:
  • Buying Antiques
  • Selling Antiques
  • Caring for Antiques
  • Victorian Registration Marks
  • Collecting Antique Ceramics
  • Collecting Antique Glass
  • Antique Carpets & Tapestry
  • Antique Furniture
  • Antique Clocks & Clockmaking
  • Antique Coins & Coin Reviews
  • Collecting Antique Silver
  • The Art Deco Style
  • The Art Nouveau Period
  • The Arts & Crafts Period
  • Antique Periods Summary
And the reference is growing.

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Collectible Japanese Silver Yen. The Dragon Yen ...
The Japanese government began minting silver Yen coins shortly after the Meiji Restoration

The silver Dragon Yen, as it's known  was minted between 1870 & 1914 and is a fascinating coin both in the beauty of its design and for its historical value. This is a coin well worth collecting ....

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Hola, podrían ayudarme a identificar una vajilla por favor?
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Gorgeous Pair of Art Nouveau Easel Frames ... A bargain buy at a local antiques auction. The glass mount for this pair is being cut today. Then it's just down to choosing the perfect photos for them. 
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Is great,,,just we need,
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One of the Antique-Marks team really loves Royal Bonn porcelain. This is her latest aquisition, found at a local charity auction  ...
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Wow, is nice
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Latest Antique Finds
A superb pair of Bourdoir & Bloch Paris porcelain urn vases c1890 and a lovely exampe of the Doulton figure Marie (HN1417) in the pink colourway. We'll add them to our antiques collection at ( once we've done a little more research.

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In 1899 the Royal Doulton studio recruited a young designer by the name of Charles John Noke

Charles Noke was greatly influenced by James Hadley's style and initially served an apprenticeship under Hadley at Hadley and Binns before James Hadley set up his own design studio.

Noke is now regarded as the brainchild behind Doulton Seriesware, a range of designs in which standard blank shapes were decorated with a consistent theme.

He was also a gifted designer while working at the Royal Worcester factory and his output for Royal Doulton was considerable.

Every Doulton collector should aim to have at least one item by Charles Noke in their collection.

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Collecting Limoges Porcelain ... A Connoisseur's Choice
It was during the 1870s that Limoges perfected its porcelain process, and the items produced then are considered some of the finest antique porcelain pieces ever made.

Limoges, is a French city southwest of Paris, which predates Roman times. Its physical placement, directly on the river Vienne, makes Limoges an easy, accessible stop; a necessary stop in those early years when journeys were more arduous than enjoyable.

Kaolin, an essential clay in the making of porcelain, was found just 18 miles South west of Limoges at St. Yreix. And, shortly after the first Limoges factory was established, Louis XVI bought it.

Today, antique Limoges porcelain trinket boxes, produced under the highest quality standards, are among the most highly prized porcelain collectibles.

However, there are several factors that contribute to the value of a piece of Limoges porcelain ...
- The factory where it was produced
- The Limoges porcelain mark
- How old it is; its condition; how complete a set is
- The quality of the decoration and the artist's signature

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Need price on porcelain tilso n 7065 Cinderella carriage excellent condition
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In 1903, Friedrich and Emil Gerbing closed the Gerbing & Stephan factory. Prior to that they and their predecessors produced some truly stunning Majolica pottery, beginning with Schiller & Gerbing who operated from 1829 to 1861 ...
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Art Deco Lamp Base ... A rewired 1930's bronze lamp that is going to look fantastic as soon as we find that Lalique sunray glass shade.
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Make your own shade...
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Highly sought after Mabel Lucie Attwell collectibles bear the Shelley mark as do the wonderful Art Deco styled Harmony tea wares designed by Eric Slater and produced in the early 1930′s.
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+Jimmy Smith the same for me...checking marks continuously. Such an interesting history lesson. Thanks +Antiques & Antique Marks for posting. 
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Victorian Glass ... it's amazing what you can still find at boot sales. And all for the princely sum of £6.75 ... BARGAIN!
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awesomely beautiful!
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Download our Antiques & Antique Marks App and you can take our antique pottery & porcelain information on the road with you.

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I was referring to the app for that. : ) I think it is a good thing.
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Worcester Fruit Painted Porcelain ... from the antique-marks collection.

Throughout the history of Royal Worcester there have been many highly skilled artists but at no time was this more evident than with the talented and exciting group of painters assembled there in the 1920's

The likes of Reginald (Harry) Austin and his brother Walter Austin, Harry Ayrton and William Bagnall, John Freeman and Thomas Lockyer, George Moseley, William Bee, Horace Price, William Ricketts and the superb Richard Sebright, together with Shuck, Townsend and Twilton, provided Royal Worcester with a pool of extraordinary talent.

And that talent was never displayed better than when those artists created stunning examples of Worcester Fruit painted porcelain.

Learn more about Royal Worcester Fruit Painted Porcelain at
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I have found a few items by Worcester, .Beautiful littles, No marks, chips,or cracks in any of them.. This is one thing MY EYES are trained to look for , . EXCELLENT page . I just cannot get enough . It makes me wanna go out pikin' the goods . !!!
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