God has given us a sword which comes out of our mouth

Words are the most powerful thing that comes out of a person's mouth as it has psychological/spiritual power. Words can be used for both good and evil purposes (ex. encouraging and inspiring someone or discouraging and insulting someone). Sociopaths are experts at using words for psychological warfare against people. Satan is the master of this type of warfare and he works through human sociopaths to wage war against others. When Satan engaged in psychological/spiritual warfare against Jesus to tempt Him into sin (refer to Matthew 4:1-11), Jesus resisted him and fought back with God's word (Scripture) coming out from His mouth. Scripture is the only useful psychological/spiritual weapon useful against such warfare. The Bible reveals (regarding itself) that it is sharper than any earthly double edged sword, as it is able to reach the psychological/spiritual aspect (i.e. thoughts and attitudes of the heart) of a person's being (whereas a double edged sword can only cut through flesh).

Claim this powerful weapon today in your life by knowing/memorizing Scripture. Use God's word to help you in your own spiritual battles as well as to help others. I can testify of how much God has helped me harness the power from His word to serve Him through the things I preach/write about. It's an incredible thing to see Him working through your mouth and hands (by typing) to speak to the world. I'm reminded of how my Lord and older brother (Jesus Christ) had a similar but more powerful effect on the world when He was ministering on earth (through His words, He healed, saved/delivered, taught, encouraged, rebuked, corrected, etc.). We're called by Him to do the same things He did as well do even greater things than He did while on earth, in order to bring glory to God (refer to John 14:12-14). 
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