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They're here! All our photos from our annual Concert Against Hate!

In its 21st year, this was the biggest one EVER in terms of revenue. There could not be a better time to unite against hate.
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Testing & Assessment, Today !

Friends I have been writing to some new friends at San Diego as well as addressing some older friends from the Southeastern USA in regards -'not so much' -as to my needed 'Veterans Status' / benefits but also my own 'safe living' and upward mobility (and my concerns about a kind Identity Theft perpetrated upon my work or my status) , in the past; in my daily need of food and shelter as in after my monthly US Social Security SSDI benefit $ has been exhausted each month, (usually after 10 days or so of the month).  It has too often been an experience of mine that, (in my need and in my seeking of Social Services), that on hearing that I did Serve in the US Army and Was Honorably Discharged, that my assistance then will come from that quadrant and that source only (too often to my detriment; for me to be told that I am 'not eligible' and hence Not welcome to seek assistance there); there at places similar to St Vincent DePaul of San Diego where hundreds of transients have been and are now being assisted.  Certainly I am Thankful for such a place and such 'a people', really, being San Diego.

Today, the 1st of December, I being Mr William "Tharon" Chandler (my name since birth in 1967) was/ am scheduled for some meetings, assessment, interviews and questionaires.  The first one at 08:30 this morning included a test booklet with a form denoted as PDSQ and was accredited to a Dr Mark Zimmerman; as proctored by some nice ladies of St Vincent Staff.  I Enjoyed the testing, the WRITTEN Verbal and also the 'check the blank' sections of the test form and the additional 'handout sheets' that were given as a part of the objective this morning.  Certainly I wrote legibly and selected carefully among the options, in a timely manner.  I enjoyed it just as I had enjoyed many tests, MYSELF; in my college entrance , semester exams, and Graduate Master's Entrance / retention exams.

Let me say that I was not upset but duly aware that they had sent confusing or 'multiple' messages about the meetings for today (after a weekend of 'no mail / memo services'), at the Program.  It does me good to be successful in lite of knowing that some people are trying to help me, some others are trying to frustrate me; and some plan to get rid of me.  I will try to be a good friend and a smart helper .

Mr William "Tharon" Chandler