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Claim­ing that they are an endan­gered species account­ing for a mere 9% of the world’s pop­u­la­tion, white suprema­cists are react­ing with anger to what they view as soci­etal focus on cre­at­ing white guilt and hatred against white peo­ple, white her­itage and Christianity.
Claiming that they are an endangered species accounting for a mere 9% of the world's population, white supremacists are reacting with anger to what they view as societal focus on creating white guilt and hatred against white people, white heritage and Christianity. endangered species ...
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A letter and an expose' from one poor man trying to survive; against the Political Machine of middle Tennessee .  
Friends i hope that some tragedy on a different Continent this day  will not take away from the important Local problems we have in USA ;  Little matters that add up to Catastrophie in our United states budget, annually.  Personally i was BEATEN down at a public meeting , Physically; and there i was slandered verbally  when a man (a politico whom soon after got a coveted teaching position in TN) stood over me yelling 'FAGGOT , FAGGOT and i heard he slapped his Date there when she tried to intervene; on that September night in 1995.  To that meeting i was invited several times beforehand , called from across the state - weeks in Advance , and i attended there peacefully with persons i had known all my life ; while others in attendance had planned a horrendous attack that stunned all the unsuspecting guests present and would Cripple me professionally for the rest of my life.  I have been in pseudo - exile from there ever since and i had tried to get LEGAL Assistance against THEM , to no avail; not as of yet.  I heard they might have used an 'Insurance fraud' / ill gotten money to bribe my own younger siblings, in the matter. 

Whom are the Guilty ?  Who are the men and women whom planned that Crime and did it in order to Show that THEY are the ones whom are SUPERIOR in ALL Local politics (when nobody had even asked them about that question).  It was a Crime of their inner HATRED fomented upon me, a polite - clean-  and well dressed man and they did it secretly,  unexpectedly, premeditated  using Hate - Filled Words and Violent actions and they did it to Control every possible means of progress and advancement possible for that town against their Conservative Arrogance and vile gotten wealth, in a rural district.  That is the Story of Lawrenceburg Tennessee and i will use 'synonyms' or a pseudonym  to describe or tell on them while i hope to give you the Real names of other witnesses whose night was ruined along with all of my young adult life-time (20 years ago now, this past September) .  Basicly they are the local Republican Party of Lawrence Countny TN (taking payoffs from above in corrupting every angle for progress in Education).  I'll give more details to my own personal Attorney and elsewhere but for now i need to tell you why this has come up now and is so important ; important enough that they have staged riots in other countries to divert attention away from the US WAR Funding Committees; committees that include the elected US Representatives from such cruel and rural places, in Tennessee.   

Friends when you look at the Gridlock in our Congress and then the BIG 'Stop-Gap' $pending Bills they pass (a giveaway to the Wealthy corporations instead of real budgeting and investment in America) then you need to look at the Problem in terms of HICK Podunk states such as TN and the Senators and Representatives from there who too often comprise the various 'Committee's Spending that money on War and Bomb$ and Pain to other countries and causing Refugee$ to flee for their life (to Europe and to USA).

I am a simple man whom was 'educated' in public colleges (and had become enrolled in a 'Teacher Education Program, at inner city Memphis) and I was early on outspoken and willing to 'stand up' for the common people (and the poor against the arrogant wealthy) and so what those cruel arrogant Mafia people in Tennessee have done is quite obviously to 'Cut my legs out from under me' before i could ever walk up to Run (a talent to which i was naturally endowed and yet a very high calling and hard work to acheive).  The CRIME that they staged and committed on me is a 'pre-meditated' assault physically and the 'KingPin' was Stewe Brew , even using his own younger brother as the 'doorman' taking up $20 per guest, and He was involved in the Financial Bull-Shit afterwads, too.   Also guilty was very obviously the Police Cheif whom never 'prosecuted'  that heinous Crime (a crime i would have 'let go' though that was Not their plan).  They violently 'killed' me again just 5 years later; with a cover-up that must have included stealing my own "Medical Power of Attorney" (something valuable with which to submit False claims to medicare; make out Fake Pharmacutical prescriptions, and eventually sell a man for his Body Parts).