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This is definitely in my future for this Summer. A camping/hiking trip to the Appalachian Trail here in PA. I'm tired of camping at the same old crummy "camp sites" with bath houses, and electrical outlets. I want to get away from civilization for a while.... be someplace my cell phone won't work.
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but carry your phone, turning it off but with battery, just in case.
Yes, I will definitely have it with me, and an extra battery as well. I just want to go to a place with no lights, or technology, or people. Just me and the Universe.
and let an itinerary of where you have planned to go for someone to know
Naturally! I'm sure I will be documenting the adventure here on G+, as well as informing my loved ones of where I will be. This trail is fairly popular, so it will not be deserted. My body shouldn't be lying too long before someone finds it...
Have you read A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson? It's good, though I enjoyed the first part better than the second part.
I have not, but I will be looking it up now!
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